DSC WS4939 - Wireless 433 Mhz 4-Button Wireless Key Reviews

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Wonderful Key Fob!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4939 is a wireless 433 MHz key fob that is used with systems like the DSC Impassa, the DSC PowerSeries Systems with added wireless receiver, and the 433 MHz IQ Panel 2 Plus. It has four (4) buttons that you can use to control your security system. We think this is a phenomenal 4-button key fob, and we recommend it from the bottom of our hearts for anyone with a 433 MHz system. Therefore, we give it 5 Stars. Your life will be better after purchasing this key fob.

There are so many things we love about the DSC WS4939. It is durable and scratch-resistant to ensure long-lasting happiness. It is compact and convenient. You will likely take it with you in your travels and feel pleased when you return to your home and can quickly disarm your security system. Options for carrying the key fob include its packaged multifunction belt clip or attaching it to a key ring or lanyard. The key fob prevents false alarms, as you need to hold a button down for at least three (3) seconds in order for it to activate. The four (4) distinct buttons on the key fob are for arming stay, arming away, disarming, and triggering a system panic.

The downsides for the DSC WS4939 are relatively minor. The battery it uses is kind of unusual. You don't usually come across many CR2025 coin batteries. Why DSC couldn't use the less obscure CR2032 is a mystery to us all. The key fob also works with a limited number of security systems, as you don't really come across the 433 MHz frequency too often. But despite these drawbacks, we still reward the DSC WS4939 with a 5 Star rating. Hooray.

Good: Durable, Scratch-Resistant, Compact, Convenient, Multiple Carrying Options, False Alarm Prevention

Bad: CR2025 Battery, 433 MHz isn't Super Common

Bottom Line: 5 Stars