Honeywell 5815 - Wireless Aesthetic Door Sensor and Window Sensor Reviews

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Fantastic Door/Window Sensor!
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5815 is designed to be an aesthetic improvement over the classic Honeywell 5816 Door and Window Contact, and it certainly fits that bill. With its rounded edges, the Honeywell 5815 Door and Window Sensor presents a friendlier, more inviting appearance when compared with the older 5816 model. Meanwhile, the 5815 still manages to retain the nominal wireless communication range of the 5816 at 200 feet. Also returning is the ability to connect a hardwired Normally Closed (NC) contact to the 5815 so its operates as a wireless transmitter. This further increases the versatility and effectiveness of the sensor. Overall, the Honeywell 5815 is a great sensor with relatively few downsides. We give a 5 Star rating.

The main thing to like about the Honeywell 5815 is its aesthetic design. It looks very nice in a modern home, and the magnet can be oriented along two different sides. The 200-foot nominal range is suitable for most homes, though you should make sure to test the sensor after installing and programming. The lithium battery lasts a long time, as you shouldn't expect to make any replacements for roughly three to five years. The sensor is very easy to install and program, making it perfect for DIY users.

There are not many downsides to the Honeywell 5815. Its magnet spacing gap is somewhat small at just 0.5 inches. This is another reason why it is important to test the sensor after installing. Although the sensor offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance, there are even smaller sensors like the Honeywell 5800MINI available. Still, this is a very nice sensor that you should expect to last for a very long time. That is why we rate the Honeywell 5815 a perfect 5 Stars.

Good: Pleasing Design, 200-Foot Nominal Range, Wireless Transmitter Capability

Bad: Small Magnet Spacing Gap, Smaller Contacts Available

Bottom Line: 5 Stars