Honeywell 956WH-B

Recessed Rolling Plunger Switch with Leads

Honeywell 956wh b recessed rolling plunger switch with leads

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The Honeywell 956WH-B is a recessed rolling plunger switch with leads. The 956WH-B is very similar to the Honeywell 956RPT recessed rolli...

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The Honeywell 956WH-B is a recessed rolling plunger switch with leads. The 956WH-B is very similar to the Honeywell 956RPT recessed rolling plunger switch. The only difference between the two Honeywell recessed plunger switches is that the 956WH-B uses wire leads to connect to the alarm control panel and the 956RPT uses staggered screw terminals. While you can order the 956RPT in white or brown, the 956WH-B only comes in white.

The 956WH-B recessed plunger switch uses a rollerball instead of an internal reed switch. When a window or door is closed, it slides over the rollerball and pushes it down into the 956WH-B. As the plunger switch is a Form A, SPST, normally closed device, the 956WH-B is closed when the rollerball is depressed and open when the rollerball is popped out. The recessed rolling plunger switch has a contact rating of 100mA at 28VDC.

Plunger switches with terminal screws are typically easier to install, but some installers prefer wire leads over terminal screws. With the 956WH-B, you simply splice your zone wire to the (2) conductor 18” wire leads that come out of the back of the plunger switch. Make sure to use wire crimps or tape to cover any exposed wire after connecting the wires. The 956WH-B requires you to drill a 3/4” diameter hole in your door or window frame so that you can press the plunger switch into place to complete your installation. While the Honeywell 955PST should not be used to protect standard doors, the 956WH-B is ideal since it has a rollerball as the plunger switch. A door would hit up against the side of the plunger switch on the 955PST but with the 956WH-B, the edge of the door simply slides over the rounded edge pushing the plunger switch down.

You can wire the Honeywell 956WH-B recessed rolling plunger switch to an open zone on any alarm control panel. If you are connecting your 956WH-B to a Honeywell alarm control panel, you should program the zone as either a perimeter zone type or an entry/exit delay zone type. The perimeter zone type will trigger an alarm anytime the system is armed and the door or window opens. With an entry/exit delay zone type, the 956WH-B will activate the programmed entry delay time as soon as the roller ball pops out of the plunger switch. If a valid user code is not entered before the entry delay times out, an alarm will be triggered.

Brand: Honeywell

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