Honeywell AD25624

Auxiliary Power Supply

Honeywell ad25624 auxiliary power supply

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The Honeywell AD25624 is an auxiliary power supply that provides continuous power output of 2.5A at a selectable 12VDC or 24VDC. The AD25...

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The Honeywell AD25624 is an auxiliary power supply that provides continuous power output of 2.5A at a selectable 12VDC or 24VDC. The AD25624 should be used when you have maxed out your Honeywell wired alarm control panel’s auxiliary output with devices that require power. The Honeywell AD12612 power supply provides 1.2A but you should use the AD25624 2.5A power supply instead when you need increased supplementary power output.

The AD25624 auxiliary power supply also has a charging circuit to support a backup battery like the Ultaratech 1240 so that your connected devices will still work even during a power outage. You should use a 12V backup battery when using the AD25624 power supply in the 12VDC mode and you should use (2) 12V batteries connected in series when using the 24VDC mode. If you do use a backup battery, please note that the maximum output of 2.5A will be reduced by the charging rate to the battery when the charging circuit is in use.

You can select the power output of the AD25624 by moving the jumper on the circuit board. The jumper will come set to the 12VDC mode by default but you can move it over to use the 24VDC mode. You will need to connect an AC transformer to the AD25624 for the power supply to be able to drive power out to the connected devices. You should use the Honeywell XF30 open frame transformer when using the 12VDC or 24VDC operation modes. The open frame transformer will run hot and should be installed on a wooden wall stud, away from anything that could cause a short. Simply connect the yellow wires from the XF30 AC transformer to the ‘AC’ terminals on the AD25624 power supply circuit board.

When you have devices that require power such as alarm keypads, AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicators, wireless receivers, wired motion detectors or wired glass break detectors, your alarm control panel can only supply a certain amount of auxiliary power ouput. The Honeywell AD25624 can be used when your devices require more supplementary power than your alarm control panel can provide. Simply connect the ‘DC (+)’ and ‘DC (-)’ output terminals on the AD25624 to the alarm devices that need power, making sure to observe polarity. Then, connect another wire from the ‘DC (-)’ terminal to the ECP ground terminal on your Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel.

Make sure that when you install your Honeywell AD25624 power supply inside your alarm control panel’s alarm cabinet, the rear of the AD25624 is not in contact with the metal can. You can use double-side tape or standoffs to ensure the power supply will not be shorted out by the metal cabinet. If your alarm control panel’s alarm cabinet does not have enough room to fit the AD25624 power supply and it’s corresponding backup battery, you can use a separate can to house the power supply.

The Honeywell AD25624 auxiliary power supply has (2) replaceable fuses. The ‘F1’ fuse is for the charging circuit and is a 5A, 32V normal fuse. The ‘F2' fuse is a 6A, 3AG fast fuse for the AC input. The 5A fuse should be replaced by an Ademco 90-9 and the 6A fuse should be replaced by an Ademco N9544 fuse.

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