Honeywell Aurora

Pet Immune Motion Detector

Honeywell aurora pet immune motion detector

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The Honeywell Aurora is a pet immune passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The Aurora is a hardwired motion detector, meaning it can be...

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The Honeywell Aurora is a pet immune passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The Aurora is a hardwired motion detector, meaning it can be used with any hardwired security system. The Honeywell Aurora is equipped with split-zone optics technology which provides protection against false alarms by pets and animals up to 40 pounds. The Aurora has a coverage range of approximately 35 ft. by 40 ft. which extends from the motion in a 90° pattern. The Honeywell Aurora is a versatile wall mounted motion ideal for most residential and commercial indoor applications.

The Aurora’s sleek and small style blends seamlessly with any décor and can be used in both surface mount and corner mount installations. Ideal recommended mounting height is 7 feet, however an adjustable lens angle allows the Aurora to be mounted from 6.5 to 9 feet and adjusted for optimum protection. For installations where the pet-immunity feature will be used, set the PIR sensitivity to standard, mount the detector in an area where animals and pets cannot come within 6 feet of the Aurora by climbing on furniture, and do not aim the detector towards a stairway. This will allow you to arm your system in away mode with pets under 40 lbs. inside the property.

The Honeywell Aurora requires a four wire connection back to the alarm control panel. Terminals 1 & 2 connect power to the motion from the security system’s auxiliary power circuit. The Aurora requires 4mA at standby and a maximum of 10mA when in alarm. Terminals 3 & 4 are data connections and should be connected to a zone loop.

The Aurora motion detector should be walk-tested upon installation and at regular intervals during its use. Make sure that the temperature in the room is normal during testing, and walk all routes a potential intruder could take. The red LED will provide feedback showing that the Aurora motion is being tripped. When planning your system or installing a Honeywell Aurora motion make sure to consider the likely path of an intruder, and aim the detector across high traffic areas. If you are having trouble with false alarms, remember to check potential draft sources such as air conditioning vents that could be pointed towards drapes, lighting fixtures, or other objects that could cause movement. The Aurora pet immune PIR is the most commonly recommended motion for Honeywell hardwired security systems combining reliability and with value.


Good replacement motion detectors
Submitted on 10/17/2012

I was having problem with motion detectors going off when I at work. I thought it was my dog but now i know it was my motion detectors. Replaced all my motions with AURORA and now they never go off.

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