Honeywell DT7435

DUAL TEC Motion Detector

Honeywell dt7435 dual tec motion detector
  • Honeywell dt7435 dual tec motion detector
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The Honeywell DT7435 is a DUAL TEC® motion detector that combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology to provide the best det...

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Honeywell DT7435 is a DUAL TEC® motion detector that combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology to provide the best detection possible. Honeywell was the first security manufacturer to combine both technologies in a single motion detector and they trademarked the name DUAL TEC (DT). However, just like with all great technological innovations, nearly every security manufacturer quickly saw the advantage of a dual technology motion detector and therefore there are many imitations of the DT Series motion detectors available today. By combining the PIR technology with microwave detection, DUAL TEC motion detectors are much less likely to trigger a false alarm.

The DT7435 can detect motion by sensing a change in the ambient temperature of a room using the PIR technology and can also detect movement by transmitting energy out into the room and sensing a change in the frequency of the energy received back at the device using the microwave technology. PIR motion detectors are prone to false alarms when there are lights or heaters in the room that may rapidly change temperature. Microwave motion detectors are prone to false alarms because the microwave energy can “see” through walls and therefore trigger an alarm when there is movement outside of the protected area. As PIR and microwave motion detectors are both susceptible to false alarms for different reasons, a DUAL TEC motion detector that requires both technologies to go off together is the best way to reduce false alarms.

The Honeywell DT7435 is an advanced DUAL TEC motion detector that utilizes Honeywell’s DualCore™ signal processing which analyzes both the PIR and microwave signals through a single microcontroller. The DualCore signal processing has concurrent diagnostics, digital fluorescent light interference filter, digital adaptive microwave threshold, adaptive baselines and bi-directional temperature compensation to provide the most accurate detection possible. Also, the microwave technology operates with K-Band technology which provides a broad, balloon-shaped pattern to match the PIR detection area. The K-Band microwave technology also features pattern containment to ensure the microwave energy does not penetrate walls. Finally, the custom PIR Fresnel lens features uniform sensitivity optics which provide the same sensitivity for detection at the edge of the detection pattern that is found in the middle of the detection pattern. Motion detectors that lack uniform sensitivity optics do not provide consistent detection throughout the covered area.

The DT7435 DUAL TEC motion detector was designed to be mounted on a wall 7’6” from the floor. We recommend this mounting height, if at all possible, so that the detection pattern works as designed. The range of the DUAL TEC motion detector when mounted at this height is 35’ from the motion detector and 40’ wide at the end of the cone shaped detection pattern. The PIR detection pattern consists of (4) look-down, (6) short range, (12) intermediate and (22) long range fields of view. The PIR detection pattern along with the DualCore signal processing, uniform sensitivity optics and K-Band microwave technology provide pet immunity up to 100 lbs. without sacrificing detection reliability when there is a real intruder.


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