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PIR Motion Detector

Honeywell is3050 motion detector
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The Honeywell IS3050 is a hardwired PIR motion detecting sensor that looks for changes in infrared energy caused by motion. When a person or large object comes in view of the sensor, it detects its IR energy and alert the system. The system will then respond accordingly. Buy the IS3050 here.
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The Honeywell IS3050 PIR Motion Detector uses a PIR sensor to look for changes in passive infrared (PIR) energy. It is a hardwired sensor that must be connected with the panel or a compatible wired to wireless converter for proper operation. It is mounted between 7 and 9 feet high.

As a motion sensor, the IS3050 offers a detection area of 53' x 72'. A special flashlight walk test feature allows the user to put the device in its walk test mode without having to disconnect the sensor. A look down sensor allows the IS3050 to be placed directly above a door so that it detects the motion of anyone who walks into the room. A sealed optics chamber prevents any air drafts or insects from affecting the performance of the sensor. The device works with the Honeywell SMB10 Swivel Mounting Brackets. The device measures 3.86"H x 2.24"W x 1.71"D.

Note: The Honeywell IS3050 is the same as the Honeywell DT8035, only without a microwave sensor. Instead, it only uses PIR sensor to check for any changes in IR energy that occur with motion. The pulse count of the IS3050 can be adjusted to configure the sensitivity of the sensor. A lower pulse count will increase the sensitivity for the device, and vice-versa.


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