Honeywell SMB10C

Universal White Ceiling Mount Bracket

Honeywell smb10c universal white ceiling mount bracket

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The Honeywell SMB10C​ is a ceiling mounting bracket Intellisense PIR and Dual-Tec Motion Sensors from Honeywell. Using this accessory will allow the user to mount their motion sensor to the ceiling, as opposed to the wall. It works with the Honeywell IS and DT7 series. Buy the SMB10C here.
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The Honeywell SMB10C Universal Ceiling Mount Bracket is used for mounting a Honeywell Intellisense PIR or Dual-Tec Motion to the ceiling. This can be a viable option when a user cannot mount their motion sensor to the wall for some reason. It is compatible with IS and DT7 series sensors.

Proper placement is very important when setting up a motion sensor. It needs to be able to properly detect movement in the area, but it also needs to be set up in a way that prevents false alarms. Normally, this can be achieved by mounting the motion sensor to the wall. But in some cases, a user might not be able to find a good wall-mounting location. This separate accessory will make it so that the user can mount their motion detector to the ceiling instead.

Brand: Honeywell

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