Honeywell T280R

Wireless Temperature Sensor Probe

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The Honeywell T280R is a temperature probe for the 5821 wireless temperature sensor and water sensor. When using the T280R temperature pr...
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The Honeywell T280R is a temperature probe for the 5821 wireless temperature sensor and water sensor. When using the T280R temperature probe with the 5821 wireless sensor, you can monitor the temperature of refrigerators and freezers in restaurants, kitchens, laboratories and warehouses where cold temperature is critical. The T280R is also ideal for wine cellars, flower shops and butcher shops. The 5821 wireless temperature sensor can be programmed for either freezing temperature monitoring or refrigerator temperature monitoring when using the T280R temperature probe.

When programmed with the freezing temperature setting, an alarm will be triggered if the probe detects temperatures over 10° F for greater than (30) minutes. The wireless sensor will restore automatically when the temperature drops below 7° F for more than (4) minutes. When programmed to refrigerator temperature monitoring, an alarm will be triggered when the T280R detects temperatures above 42° F for more than (30) minutes and the alarm will restore when the temperature drops below 39° F for more than (4) minutes. These temperatures are hard coded into the programming of the 5821 wireless temperature sensor and cannot be changed. The (30) minute preset delay prevents false alarms due to normal openings of refrigerator or freezer doors.

You should mount the 5821 outside of the refrigerator or freezer and only install the T280R temperature probe inside to prevent a loss of wireless signal strength back to your wireless alarm system.

If you are using the T280R temperature probe with a 5821 wireless sensor, you cannot also use the 470PB water probe. Only (1) remote probe can be used with each 5821 wireless temperature and water sensor.

Brand: Honeywell

Excellent Probe
Submitted on 05/18/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell T280R is a temperature sensor probe designed for use with an actual temperature sensor, such as the Honeywell 5821. Using a probe is useful if you need to monitor the temperature in a different location from the sensor itself. Some big advantages to using a temperature probe include an extended temperature range and the ability to more easily position the device exactly where you need it. We think the Honeywell T280R is an excellent product, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Honeywell T280R. For one, it is very flexible and easy to position into a desired location. The temperature sensor can be set to trigger at below freezing temperatures when used with a probe. This makes the Honeywell T280R perfect for monitoring walk-in freezers and other areas with tight spaces. Remember, most temperature sensors used with the Honeywell T280R cannot withstand temperatures as low as what the probe is capable of withstanding. We have found that the probe works very reliably, and it has a great build quality. Also, it is very easy to connect and set up.

There are not many downsides regarding the Honeywell T280R. One issue is that it cannot be used on its own. It must be used with an actual temperature sensor. The Honeywell T280R is just a probe. It is not a temperature sensor. Remember that the Honeywell T280R will require an input on the temperature sensor. If you run out of inputs, then you will not be able to add another probe, so keep that in mind. But other than that, we are pleased with the Honeywell T280R, and it gets 5 Stars.

Good: Flexible, Easy to Position, Withstands Very Low Temperatures, Great for Walk-In Freezers, Reliable, Excellent Build Quality

Bad: Not a Standalone Device, Limited Inputs on Temperature Sensor

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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