Honeywell VISTA-128BPTSIA - Commercial Alarm Control Panel Reviews

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Very Powerful Panel!
Submitted on 01/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell VISTA-128BPTSIA is a hardwired commercial burglary panel that is compliant with standards outlined by the Security Industry Association (SIA) for preventing false alarms. This is a very complicated and powerful security system that is usually only used in a commercial or industrial setting. Although this panel can be used just fine for residential use, we would recommend that homeowners get a system that is easier to work with. But if you have a commercial or industrial business that requires burglary alarm monitoring, and you want to be compliant with SIA standards, then the VISTA-128BPTSIA is an excellent system to choose. We give it a 5-Star rating.

The best thing about the VISTA-128BPTSIA is that it is extremely robust and powerful. Users can take advantage of up to eight (8) partitions, and program up to 128 zones. The panel has a Polling Loop, and you can add one or more V-Plex Polling Loop Expanders or start adding V-Plex Polling Loop Sensors with the system. Polling Loop Sensors are great for commercial locations, as they support extremely long wire runs that cannot be used with standard hardwired sensors. Up to 150 user codes can be added to the system, making it perfect for medium to large businesses. And by getting it on cellular and/or IP, you can use the system with Total Connect 2.0 for remote access and control. Also, SIA compliance helps prevents false alarms.

The biggest downside to the VISTA-128BPTSIA is that it is very complicated. New DIY users will have a very tough time setting up this system on their own. If you just need a system for your home, then it is almost always more practical to get a wireless system, or at least a residential wired system. Adding an extremely powerful and robust system like the VISTA-218BPTSIA to a residential location is almost always overkill. And although SIA compliance is great for preventing false alarms, it does place some restrictions on how you can program the panel.

Overall, the VISTA-128BPTSIA is an outstanding system if you require commercial burg protection for a medium to large business with SIA compliance. We give this product 5 Stars.

Good: Very Robust & Powerful, 8 Partitions, 128 Zones, V-Plex Polling Loop Expansion, 150 User Codes, Total Connect 2.0, SIA Compliance for Preventing False Alarms

Bad: Extremely Complicated, Usually Overkill for Residential Use, SIA Compliance Restricts Certain Programming Settings

Bottom Line: 5 Stars