Interlogix 600-6520-95 - Wireless Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Detector Reviews

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Submitted on 08/23/2019 Alarm Grid

We do not recommend the Interlogix 600-6520-95 as a wireless carbon monoxide sensor. There are other wireless carbon monoxide sensors that do the same job at a lower cost. There is no reason to shell out the extra money for the Interlogix 600-6520-95 when there are other devices that are more cost-effective. That is why we give the Interlogix 600-6520-95 only 3 Stars.

Investing in carbon monoxide detectors for your home or business is an excellent idea. CO gas is odorless and tasteless, and it kills hundreds of people every single year. You should take every precaution possible to ensure that this does not happen to you, your employees, or your family. That is why you will absolutely want reliable and trustworthy carbon monoxide sensors. Some of the best places to put these sensors include in hallways, outside of sleeping areas, and in large central locations like living rooms.

While carbon monoxide sensors are very important, you should not overspend to get them. You should get the most affordable carbon monoxide sensor that is compatible with your system and provides accurate detection of CO gas. That is not the Interlogix 600-6520-95. Our technicians find that the Interlogix 600-6520-95 works very well, and it responds reliably to CO gas. But if you are looking for a new CO sensor, then there are other options to consider. These other options work just as effectively, and they can be obtained at a lower cost. Also remember that CO detectors have a limited product life. Once an Interlogix 600-6520-95 reaches its end-of-product-life (7 years), it will need to be replaced. At that point, you should replace it with a more affordable sensor. There is no reason to buy another Interlogix 600-6520-95.

The main product to consider over the Interlogix 600-6520-95 is the Qolsys IQ Carbon. This sensor also operates at the same 319.5 MHz frequency, so it will work with the same systems. This includes the Interlogix Simon Panels, the original Qolsys IQ Panel 2, and the 319.5 MHz version of the IQ Panel 2 Plus. However, the IQ Carbon can be obtained at a lower cost. If you have an IQ Panel 2 Plus, you might also consider the DSC PG9933. The PG9933 uses wireless encryption for added security. The PG9933 will work with any version of the IQ Panel 2 Plus, but it will NOT work with the original IQ Panel 2, nor the Interlogix Simon Panels.

Bottom line, if you already have an Interlogix 600-6520-95, then it should continue to work fine until it reaches its end of life. But if you are looking for a new CO sensor, then go with a different one that is compatible with your system.