Interlogix Simon XTi - Wireless Security System Reviews

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Submitted on 07/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix Simon XTi is an early wireless all-in-one security system that is still occasionally used. It is a relatively limited system, and it is not one that we would necessarily recommend purchasing today. The most common reason why someone encounters a Simon XTi that they are considering getting monitored is because they find an existing unit inside of a home they have purchased. It is certainly possible to take an existing Simon XTi System and get it set up for monitoring service. Often, a new cellular or dual-path communicator is all that is required. But because of the add-ons required, buying a new Simon XTi is not a very cost-effective option. There is also the fact that it is far from being the most advanced option available, and it is a fairly lackluster option in terms of system capabilities. For those reasons, we only give the Interlogix Simon XTi a 3 Star rating.

There are some positive aspects regarding the Simon XTi. The system can be easily upgraded to support cellular or dual-path communication by adding the proper module. There are even some LTE communicators available that will keep the system online well into the very distant future. Compatible 319.5 MHz wireless sensors can be auto-enrolled with the system, which is pretty convenient. And you can even use the system with the platform, provided that you sign-up for a compatible monitoring plan. An Communicator will also double as a Z-Wave controller so that you can operate automation devices locally at the panel and remotely from

But the downsides to the Simon XTi should not be ignored. It is a very limited system, as it only has support for 40 wireless zones. This will be insufficient for most large homes and businesses. The touchscreen on the Simon XTi feels cheaply made, and you can certainly tell that this is a "budget" security system. And there is also the factor that Interlogix went out of business, and receiving support for the Simon XTi may become a difficult task eventually. With these downsides in consideration, we only award the Interlogix Simon XTi with 3 Stars.

Good: Upgrade to LTE, Auto-Enrollment for Wireless Sensors,, Able to Add Z-Wave Functionality

Bad: Only 40 Zones, Poor Build Quality, Interlogix is Defunct

Bottom Line: 3 Stars