Jonard JIC-1022 - Wire Stripper Tool Reviews

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Awesome Wire Stripper!
Submitted on 12/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Jonard JIC-1022 is a convenient wire stripping tool. It is used for preparing electrical wire and making it suitable for practical use. The device is great for new and experienced users alike, and it is ideal for anyone needing to strip and prepare some electrical wiring. The Jonard JIC-1022 really offers some convenient features that help make it the go-to wire-stripping tool for many DIYers. We have no problem giving this outstanding product a 5 Star rating.

There are indeed many aspects to appreciate about the Jonard JIC-1022. For one, the device has an integrated spring coil to prevent fatigue when preparing cable. Its wire looping and bending slots are built-in for added convenience. We appreciate its black oxide finish which adds a nice touch to the tool. A locking mechanism provides safety in case children manage to access this device. The cutting surface is hardened for superb performance. It can support wire gauges ranging from 10 AWG to 22 AWG. This makes it suitable for nearly any wire-stripping application.

It's very hard to find any negative aspects about the Jonard JIC-1022. Really, the only negative we can come up with is that it will not actually strip and cut wires for you. Even with this convenient and easy to use tool, you still need to actually strip the wires yourself! But all joking aside, our technicians really like the Jonard JIC-1022 Wire Stripping Tool. This is our go-to tool whenever we need to prepare some wires. We give this product 5 Stars, and we wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone in need of a new wire stripping tool. It gets the Alarm Grid Seal of Approval!

Good: Integrated Spring Coil, Built-In Wire Looping & Bending Slots, Black Oxide Finish, Locking Mechanism for Safety, Hardened Cutting Surfaces, Supports 10 AWG to 22 AWG Wires

Bad: Doesn't Actually Strip/Cut Wires For You

Bottom Line: 5 Stars