Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT - AT&T 3G Cellular Communicator for NX-4V2, NX-6V2, NX-8V2, and NX-8E Reviews

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Submitted on 09/04/2019 Alarm Grid

At one time, the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT was considered a great communicator for the Interlogix Networx Alarm Panels. But with the rise of LTE, this module is not recommended anymore. It is no longer possible to activate one of these communicators for alarm monitoring service. And if you already have one of these modules activated, it will only continue to work as long as the associated cellular network is kept in service. That is why we can only give the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT a Three (3) Star Rating.

A cellular communicator like the NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT allows an alarm system to communicate across a cellular network. This will ensure reliable monitoring service, as properly configured cellular connections almost never experience extended service outages. In the case of the NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT, the module works across the AT&T 3G Network. It also includes a built-in Z-Wave controller so that the user can start creating a home automation network around their system. The NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT can be used with the Interlogix Networx NX-4V2, NX-6V2, NX-8V2, and NX-8E Systems.

However, the AT&T 3G Network is in the process of being shutdown in favor of the newer and more advanced AT&T LTE Network. If you are getting a new cellular communicator for an alarm system, you should make sure that it is an LTE model. Fortunately, the NX-410-US-AT is compatible with the same systems as the NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT. Anyone considering the NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT should get the NX-410-US-AT instead. And if you already have an NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT activated, then you should understand that it will only continue to work as long as the AT&T 3G Network is kept in service. This network is expected to be shut down by the end of 2022. At that point, the communicator will no longer work. Additionally, as of June, 2019 you can no longer activate an NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT due to the 3G sunset.

Bottom line, the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT is a fine communicator. If you already have it activated, then it should continue to work for the time being. But if you are considering buying a communicator, make sure you get an LTE model instead. For that reason, we can only give the Interlogix NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT a three-star rating.