Interlogix NetworX NX-592E-LTE-ZX-VZ - Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for NX-4V2, NX-6V2, NX-8V2, and NX-8E Reviews

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Useful NetworX Communicator!
Submitted on 08/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix NetworX NX-592E-LTE-ZX-VZ is a Verizon LTE cellular communicator for hardwired Interlogix NetworX Panels, including the NetworX 4V2, 6V2, 8V2, and 8E. The device allows one of these compatible panels to communicate with the servers for monitoring service. The unit also includes a built-in Z-Wave controller to open up automation possibilities for the system. This is a great module if you have an existing NetworX System that you want to keep using, but you need to get it running with an LTE communicator. Overall, we really like the Interlogix NetworX NX-592E-LTE-ZX-VZ, and we award it 5 Stars.

There are many aspects to like about this product. For one, it provides the panel with cellular connectivity across the Verizon LTE Network. As long as the system has adequate coverage from Verizon, it will always maintain connectivity with The fact that this is an LTE communicator is also very important, as Verizon plans on maintaining support for their LTE network well into the very distant future. We also appreciate the fact that the module doubles as a Z-Wave controller. This way, you can pair various Z-Wave devices with your system so that they can be controlled remotely through and included with smart scenes.

There are not many downsides to this product. One issue is that it is for compatible Interlogix NetworX Panels only, which somewhat limits its versatility. Although the device has a built-in Z-Wave controller, an Interlogix NetworX Panel won't allow for local Z-Wave control. Therefore, all Z-Wave operation will need to occur through We are also a little disappointed by the fact that this is a cell-only communicator, rather than a dual-path communicator with both IP and cellular. But really, these downsides are fairly minor. We can wholeheartedly give the Interlogix NetworX NX-592E-LTE-ZX-VZ a 5-Star rating.

Good: Reliable Cellular Connectivity, LTE, Z-Wave Functionality

Bad: For NetworX Only, No Local Z-Wave Control, Not Dual-Path

Bottom Line: 5 Stars