Pro'sKit MT-1210

Digital Multimeter

Proskit mt 1210 digital multimeter

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The Pro'sKit MT-1210 Digital Multimeter is perfect for measuring voltage when setting up your hardwired alarm system. It is also ideal for any general electrical needs. The device includes many useful features, making it very versatile. Purchase the Pro'sKit MT-1210 Digital Multimeter here.
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The Pro'sKit MT-1210 Digital Multimeter is the perfect voltage-measuring device for all your general electrical needs. This voltmeter is commonly used by everyone from professional electricians and security system installers to hobbyists and enthusiasts just looking for a reliable device.

When setting up a hardwired alarm system, you will want to make sure that you do not exceed the maximum current load. You can take the guesswork out of the equation with a reliable multimeter like the Pro'sKit MT-1210. This device will let you test the current voltage of your system so that you know whether or not you have reached the max load. Performing this check is also very important when adding new hardwired devices. Remember that some devices like sirens may not output their maximum current until they are activated. Keep this in mind when calculating the load.

There are many excellent features included with the Pro'sKit MT-1210 that make it a strong voltmeter product for nearly anyone. It can be used to perform both a Diode Test and a Transistor HFE Test. In total, there are seven (7) different functions that can be performed with the Pro'sKit MT-1210. It offers continuity with a beeper. This test meter has a DCV rating of 200m/2/20/200V ± (1.0%+2d), 500V ± (1.2%+5d). Its resistance rating is 200Ω/2k/20k/200kΩ ± (1.0%+5d), 2MΩ± (1.5%+5d). The device has four (4) available ranges. It can measure up to 500 volts. The tool is classified as a Clamp/Multimeter.

The display screen for the Pro'sKit shows 3.5 digits and an integrated backlight makes it perfect for dim and dark environments. Its user-friendly interface is perfect for both professional installers and DIYers alike. The device is powered using a 9V battery (not included). The product has a category rating of II. This tool offers both manual and analog control. The tool weighs 0.5 pounds. It measures 5.6"H x 2.75"W x 1.25"D.

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