Qolsys QR0023-840 - Replacement Adhesive Tape for the IQ DW MINI Reviews

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Good Replacement Tape
Submitted on 09/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys QR0023-840 is replacement adhesive tape for the Qolsys IQ MINI-S Door and Window Sensor. You use this adhesive tape when mounting the sensor to avoid drilling holes in the walls. Although the sensor already comes with this double-sided foam tape, you can purchase the standalone replacement tape if needed. The tape is very sticky, and it does a great job of keeping the Qolsys IQ MINI-S Door and Window Sensor mounted and secured. It includes sections for both the sensor and its accompanying magnet. You can even cut the tape if you need to use it with a sensor of a different size. While this isn't the most revolutionary product out there, we still give the Qolsys QR0023-840 a 5-Star rating, as it is great for its intended use.

The main thing that we like about the Qolsys QR0023-840 is the fact that it keeps a sensor properly secured in its needed location. The adhesive tape is reliable, and it can even be repositioned a few times if needed. We have also found the tape to be very long-lasting, and it can properly support a sensor for many years. The fact that this tape can be cut and used with other sensors beyond the Qolsys IQ MINI-S is also a nice benefit. We have seen this adhesive tape used nicely with other door and window sensors, as well as other sensor types entirely such as motion detectors and glass break sensors.

There aren't many downsides for the Qolsys QR0023-840. If you reposition it many times, then it will begin to lose its stickiness, and you will need to replace it. Additionally, if you drop the tape on the floor by mistaken, then it may pick up hair, dirt, or dust and become virtually unusable. But really, you are likely to find these same downsides for any piece of double-sided foam tape. This is a useful and effective set of adhesive tape for a door and window sensor. We award the Qolsys QR0023-840 with a 5-Star rating.

Good: Keeps Sensor Reliably Secured, Can Reposition a Few Times, Can Cut Tape for Other Sensors

Bad: Will Lose Stickiness if Repeatedly Adjusted, Can Pick Up Dust/Dirt/Hair if Dropped

Bottom Line: 5 Stars