TP Link TL-WA855RE

300 Mbps WIFI Range Extender

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The TP Link TL-WA855RE is a WIFI bridge and range extender. You can connect an ethernet device to the TL-WA855RE so that it will connect with a local WIFI network wirelessly. This is good if you cannot run an ethernet cable from the IP router to your ethernet device. Buy the TL-WA855RE here.
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The TP Link TL-WA855RE WIFI Bridge and Range Extender boosts the coverage of your existing WIFI network. The device will allow you to use devices on your local WIFI network from a further distance away. The TP Link TL-WA855RE can also serve as a WIFI bridge for a wired ethernet device.

If you need to increase the range of your existing WIFI network, then the TP Link TL-WA855RE is a great option. The module features dual antennas for faster and more reliable WIFI connectivity for your connected devices. The TL-WA855RE can also be used to establish a new WIFI Access Point (AP). This is good if you need another connection point for your device.

For range extension, the device features a designated Range Extender button. Using WIFI range extension will improve the scope of your wireless network. You can also use the Tether App on your mobile phone to manage the device remotely. Another benefit of the TP Link TL-WA855RE is that it is universally compatible with any WIFI router.

There is an ethernet port on the TP Link TL-WA855RE. You can connect a hardwired ethernet device to use it with your local WIFI network. This is good if you are unable to run an ethernet cable from your IP router to the device. You can use this feature with pretty much any wired ethernet device, which makes the TP Link TL-WA855RE pretty versatile.

The TP Link TL-WA855RE pairs with a router using a WPS setup. You can also perform a setup using a web browser. The extender adds _EXT to the end of the SSID for the host network. It uses the same WIFI password as the host network. Keep that in mind when using wireless devices with the module. The module will support data transfer speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

The TP Link TL-WA855RE measures 3.15"L x 3.06"W x 3.04"D. It uses 3.6W of power, but it does offer power scheduling options to cut down on energy costs. It has a plug type that is compatible with US, EU, and UK outlets. For wireless security, it can support 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK. The device is for indoor use only.

Brand: TP Link

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