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The WBOX 0E-PPS12V2AS is a 12VAC, 2A Transformer that provides constant and consistent power to the connected device. This is a great electrical transformer if you need to power a low-voltage device requiring 12VDC, 2A of power. Buy the WBOX 0E-PPS12V2AS Transformer from Alarm Grid.
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The WBOX 0E-PPS12V2AS is plug-in 12VDC, 2A Transformer for low-voltage electrical devices. Any device requiring 12VDC, 2A of power can connect with the transformer. The transformer power supply then conveniently connects with the AC outlet to receive power. It is great for DIY installations.

Since this is a DC transformer, you must observe proper polarity when connecting a wire or cable. The red wire should go to the positive (+) terminal, and the black wire should go to the negative (-) terminal. There is also a ground terminal in the center. A Phillips head screwdriver is needed to complete the connections. At the top of the transformer is a connector where you can screw it into your wall outlet for added security. There is an LED light to indicate when the transformer is plugged in. This product is for indoor use only.

Note: Alarm Grid does not accept returns for transformers. Make sure that this 12VDC, 2A transformer is what you need before purchasing.

Brand: WBOX

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