Indoor/Outdoor 15 Watt 2 Tone Siren

Wbox 0e 2tonesirn indoor slash outdoor 15 watt 2 tone siren

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The WBOX 0E-2TONESIRN is a dual-tone 15-watt indoor/outdoor siren that is great for pairing with an alarm system. It can produce sounds of up to 115 dB, and it offers both steady and yelp tone options. It is weather-resistant and great for any environment. Buy the WBOX 0E-2TONESIRN here.
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The WBOX 0E-2TONESIRN is a weather-resistant siren suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can produce sounds of up to 115 dB, which is great for alerting everyone on the premises to a burglary or fire. The siren is capable of producing steady and yelp tones for added flexibility.

One of the best aspects of the WBOX 0E-2TONSIRN is its patented piezo dynamic technology, which helps the device produce loud and clear alerts during alarm events. Its sound rating of 115 dB is extremely loud, making the device suitable for almost any application. The siren is also weather-resistant, and it can be safely used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Installers will appreciate the siren's low current draw of 200mA. It is rated at 15-watts and 6-12VDC. End users will have peace of mind in knowing that the siren is extremely durable thanks to its high-impact ABS plastic. The siren is white in color, and it measures 5.75"L x 5.25"W x 5.75"H. It weighs just 8.5 ounces.

The WBOX OE-2TONESIRN has three (3) wires available, and pre-connected to the siren. White connects to the negative (-) siren terminal. Then either Yellow or Red connects to the positive (+) siren terminal. The Yellow wire will provide a steady output and the Red wire will provide a yelp output. Be advised, on panels that provide a steady output for a burglary alarm, and a temporal output for a fire alarm, Alarm Grid recommends using the Yellow wire connected to Siren positive.

Brand: WBOX

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