Winland TEMP-L-W - Waterproof Low Temperature Sensor Reviews

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Great Accessory for Winland EA200 EnviroAlert!
Submitted on 10/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Winland TEMP-L-W is a waterproof low temperature sensor that is used for monitoring the temperature in a pool or hot tub. In order to use this device, you must connect it with a Winland EA200 EnviroAlert Sensor. Needless to say, this makes the Winland TEMP-L-W a relatively niche product. But that does not mean it's a bad one. It has a very impressive temperature detection range, and it works quite well for what it does. That is why we give the Winland TEMP-L-W a 5-Star Rating.

Monitoring the temperature of your pool or hot tub can be very important. A broken heating unit could lead to an unpleasant surprise the next time you decide to go for a swim. Worse yet, if this occurs during the winter months, then it could result in catastrophic damage. The advantage to using the Windland TEMP-L-W with the Winland EA200 EnviroAlert is that your alarm system will be able to effectively monitor the temperature for your pool or hot tub. If the temperature drops too low, then your system can respond to the event and trigger a predetermined response. This can be very important for being able to take proper action before serious damage occurs.

The Winland TEMP-L-W is really just a waterproof temperature probe for the Winland EA200 EnviroAlert. While it may be a very simple product, it does offer some impressive features. What's incredible is that this sensor is capable of detecting temperatures as low as negative (-) 58 degrees Fahrenheit. That's pretty impressive! On the high temperature end, the Winland TEMP-L-W can sense up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. That's a coverage range of 216 degrees Fahrenheit! Really, you can use the Winland TEMP-L-W as both a high and low temperature sensor, but using it as a low temperature sensor is the more common application.

It's true that requiring the use of a Winland EA200 EnviroAlert device makes the Winland TEMP-L-W a very niche product. But if you have one of these devices, then the Winland TEMP-L-W is great. Our technicians have found that it works very reliably in displaying an accurate temperature. Note that it offers a +/- level of 2 degrees Fahrenheit. With its excellent performance, we give the Windland TEMP-L-W a 5-Star Rating.