Altronix produces low voltage electronic components for security, environmental, life-safety and home automation systems. Tested to ensure reliability even under the most strenuous of conditions, Altronix products are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding systems.
Multifunction Timer Relay
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $24.99
Relay 6-12VDC, 5A DPDT Switch
List Price: $16.00
Our Price: $11.99
Auxiliary Power Supply
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $38.99
Ultra Sensitive Relay Module
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $16.99

Founded in 1983, and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Altronix produces electrical products for companies all around the world, most of which are manufactured in the United States of America.

With a reputation for unmatched quality and reliability of product, Altronix designs products designed to perform under the most rigorous conditions.

Alarm Grid is proud to provide relevant Altronix products, as they are a great compliment to the many high quality security products that can be found throughout the site.

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