1000-Feet 18/4 Alarm Wire

Our 1,000 foot rolls of 18/4 alarm wire are perfect for installers and DIY users who frequently use this type of cabling. Buy your alarm system wiring and cabling from Alarm Grid.
Genesis WG-11191101 - 18 gauge 4 conductor (18/4) unshielded stranded cabling, 1000 foot box
1000 ft. Genesis WG-11191101 18 gauge 4 conductor (18/4)
unshielded stranded cabling
List Price: $460.00
Our Price: $310.99

If you need a large amount of 18-gauge, 4-conductor wiring, then you can't go wrong with our 1,000 foot rolls. To some, 1,000 feet might seem like a lot. But you might be surprised how quickly you go through wiring. You might discover that you use it up after just a few projects and need to buy some more. And when that happens, you will have wish you stocked up. Fortunately, you can save yourself the trouble by opting for one of our 1,000 foot rolls.

If you're thinking that 18-gauge wire is the best option for your alarm system, then you're probably right. We actually recommend 18-gauge cabling for any DIY user who isn't entirely sure of which wire thickness they need. This is because the 18-gauge thickness offers an ideal combination of maximum wire run length and ease of connectivity. The other commonly used thickness for alarm systems is 22-gauge, which is a slightly thinner wire. And that wire can be best-suited for some applications. But ultimately, we find 18-gauge to be the most versatile option available.

When a wire is labeled as 4-conductor, it means that there are four smaller wires inside the larger cable. The cables are individually colored, usually red, black, white and green. The different colors assists with keeping things organized and helps the user avoid mixing up the wires by mistake. Making a faulty connection can have serious consequences, so the user will want to be very careful when wiring. Keep in mind that most alarm system connections will only use two wires. But you can always just leave the other two inner wires unused and disconnected.

Also, there are some applications that require four conductors. This is usually the case for electrically powered hardwired system sensors that need two wires for data and two wires for power. A common example is a wired motion sensor. The device must draw power from the panel, but it has to transmit data as well. Four connections are needed, and four-conductor wire is best suited for the job. Another option is to double up on two-conductor wire. But this can be inconvenient and more wasteful. Many users find that it is just best to get four-conductor wire.

Alarm Grid sells cabling from Genesis, a Resideo company (formerly Honeywell and Ademco). Resideo's roots in the alarm industry ultimately go way back, and you can count on them to produce top-quality wiring products. We offer stranded wiring that is works much more effectively for alarm systems than solid core wiring. Stranded wiring can be more easily bent, spliced and cut while still ensuring proper working order. It is perfect for DIY users who may not be used to working with wiring regularly. It is also great for professional installers who just want a good all-around wiring option. The inner wires are made of copper, which is a good metal for both data and power transmissions. Needless to say, you can count on Alarm Grid and Genesis for all your system wiring needs!

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