500-Feet 22/2 Alarm Wire

Our 22-gauge, 2-conductor wire is perfect for connecting system transformers and non-powered security sensors. Buy a 500-foot roll of 22/2 alarm wire from Alarm Grid.
Genesis WG-11025501 boxed - 22 gauge 2 conductor (22/2) unshielded stranded cable, 500 foot box
Genesis WG-11025501
22 gauge 2 conductor (22/2) unshielded stranded cable, 500 foot box
List Price: $40.00
Our Price: $27.99

If you want to have alarm system wire for all situations, then 22-2 wire is an option you will certainly want to have in your collection. This wire type is best suited for non-powered alarm system sensors, such as hardwired door and window contacts. With 500 feet, you should have enough wire to last awhile and complete any projects as needed. Our security system wiring is perfect for DIY users and professional installers alike. Alarm Grid has your wiring needs covered.

Although 18-gauge is the standard wire thickness we recommend for alarm systems, there are still some cases where you may want to use 22 AWG instead. The 22-gauge size is a thinner wire, which can be better-suited for some applications. Users generally find that the 22-gauge wire is more flexible and easier to secure for connections. But the downside is that the thinner wiring isn't recommended for long-distance current runs. If you really aren't sure of which wire to get, then we will probably recommend 18-gauge instead. But if you want the thinner option, then you can go with 22-gauge. Honestly, the wire types can be used interchangeably with little issue. Keep in mind that some building codes and regulations may require a certain wire thickness.

When a wire is referred to as "2-conductor", it means that there are two smaller inner wires housed inside the larger cable. This is fine if you only need to complete two connections. Some applications that use two wires include connecting panel transformers and wiring most non-powered security sensors, such as door contacts. However, wiring a transformer involves electrical current, and you may want to use the thicker 18-gauge wire instead. Also remember that many applications for alarm systems use four-wire connections. This includes many powered sensors, like motion detectors and hardwired smoke and heat sensors. Although you can technically double-up on 2-conductor wiring to complete 4-wire connections, you may just want to use four-conductor wiring.

Alarm Grid offers alarm system cabling from Genesis. This company is owned and operated by Resideo, which was previously known as Honeywell. Before Honeywell, the company was called Ademco. Many longtime installers still like torefer to the company as Ademco, and they know that the company continuously provides top-quality products and services. Genesis stranded cable can be spliced, cut and bent without fear, making it great for DIY users who may not be used to working with wiring. Overall, you can count on Alarm Grid to provide you with top-quality cabling from Genesis and Resideo.

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