Gun Trigger Locks

Gun trigger locks are locking devices that are placed on firearms to prevent them from being used. This can stop an individual from shooting a firearm without providing the valid unlocking code. They are great safety devices that every firearm owner should use. Buy gun trigger locks from Alarm grid.
2GIG GNGRD1-345 - Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
List Price: $70.00
Our Price: $45.99

If you want to protect your firearms and the people around you, then purchasing and installing gun trigger locks is an absolute must. These devices are simple and effective, and they can save lives in certain situations. The way that a gun trigger lock works is that it is installed over the trigger for a firearm. This will prevent the weapon from being fired, unless the gun trigger lock is removed. The only way to remove a gun trigger lock is with a combination code. Any user of a gun trigger lock should make sure not to share the combination code with anyone who does not have explicit permission to use the firearm. This is an important piece of information that you should make sure to protect in the same manner that you do for the security code for your alarm system.

Gun trigger locks can also be an important safety tool for families with children. There are many horror stories of young children accidentally getting into the firearms for a household and causing injury to themselves or others. By installing gun trigger locks on your household firearms, your young children will not be able to set off these weapons and cause injury or loss of life. We also strongly recommend educating your children on the safe and responsible use of firearms and making sure they know all of the proper safety protocols. In addition, gun trigger locks can also be very important in the event that an intruder gains access to your firearms and attempts to use them against you or others.

A great aspect of gun trigger locks is that they are fairly universal and can fit a wide selection of firearms, ranging from pistols, shotguns, rifles, and more. However, it is still important to check the product specifications for a gun trigger lock to make sure that it properly fits the firearm you are trying to protect and secure. There are also many gun trigger locks that are designed to interface with home security systems by being programmed to one of the system's wireless zones. The gun trigger lock will actually alert the system if the gun is picked up and moved around. In those cases, the gun trigger lock senses the movement and knows to alert the alarm system. This can be helpful if an intruder is trying to make off with your weapons or if an unauthorized individual has moved your firearms for any reason. When it comes to gun trigger locks for security systems, you need to make sure that the device communicates at a wireless frequency that is compatible with your system. Otherwise, it will not be able to successfully send communication signals to the alarm panel.

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