If you keep guns in your house, then you will want to take every precaution possible to ensure that they are protected. A great way to do this is with gun guards and locks. There are even gun guards that can be paired with your alarm system to let you know about any activity. Buy gun guards from us.
2GIG GNGRD1-345 - Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
Gun Trigger Lock with 3-digit Combination
List Price: $104.00
Our Price: $83.99

Gun locks and gun guards are essential for keeping your firearms and weapons safe. These are devices that are placed around a gun's trigger. This prevents the gun from being used in any manner while the lock is applied. These locks and guards are extremely tough and durable. The only way to remove one is if you know a code that will let you take off the device. In the event that someone manages to access your weapons, they will not be able to use them unless they can apply the code and remove the protective device. And trying to destroy them won't do any good, as they feature military-grade strength. The gun locks and gun guards we sell are extremely versatile and able to fit most types of weapons.

Many gun locks and gun guards do more than just prevent someone from firing the weapon. Many of these devices have transmitters, and they can alert your system when they are moved in any way. This way, you will know even if someone even attempts to get into your weapons, regardless of whether or not they actually use them. Gun locks and guards with transmitters are great for pairing with an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or These platforms can provide you with remote text and/or email alerts so that you know what is occurring even if you are not on-site. Remember that both of these platforms require active alarm monitoring service.

Families with children need to take extra precautions when guns are kept in the home. An unfortunate reality is that many young children will come across firearms inside a house, and they may accidentally injure themselves or others. By installing gun locks and gun guards on your weapons, your child will not be able to fire the weapon and hurt themselves or others. You can even get alerts when the guns are moved around so that you know to move your weapons to a more secure spot in the house. If you intend on using a gun lock with your system in this manner, then you will need to make sure it communicates at a compatible wireless frequency. This will allow it to transmit signals to your alarm control panel.

Gun locks and gun guards are built with extreme durability and toughness in mind. It is possible that an intruder will try to use powerful tools and destructive methods to try and remove these devices. But they will be unsuccessful, as the devices we swell are built with this in mind. Most gun guards and gun locks cannot be destroyed without breaking the weapon itself and rendering it useless. As long as you keep a secure code on the device, then nobody will be able to use it. Additionally, pairing the weapon with the system is technically optional. You can still use it to prevent others from firing the weapon without actually enrolling it. But if you want to receive alerts regarding any movement or activity, then you will need to enroll the device with your system.

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