Natural Gas and Propane Gas Detectors

Natural gas and propane gas detectors let users know if they accidentally leave a gas valve open or if there is a gas leak in the building. This can be very important for preventing fires and avoiding energy wastage. The sensors integrate with systems. Buy natural gas and propane gas detectors here.
Macurco GD-2A - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2A
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $270.00
Our Price: $189.99
Macurco GD-2B - Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
Macurco GD-2B
Hardwired Natural Gas & Propane Detector
List Price: $298.00
Our Price: $208.99

Natural gas and propane detectors are used with many security systems. The purpose of these sensors is to let the end user know if they have accidentally left their grill or stove on. They can also be used to detect potentially harmful gas leaks. This can prevent unnecessary wasting of energy and reduce the risk of fires. Many families with children also use these sensors to know if their kids were messing with the grill or stove. These sensors can be wireless or hardwired. If you have a hardwired sensor, you may be able to have it communicate wirelessly using a wireless transmitter.

Propane and natural gas are both commonly used in many homes. Both substances are commonly used as a heating source in residential and commercial locations. They are often used to provide electricity and power heating systems. They can be used in various tasks such as heating water, cooking food and doing laundry. There are even some commercial vehicles that rely on natural gas for power. These substances are generally quite safe, but it can be dangerous if a gas leak occurs. Most leaks are caused by damaged pipes, loose fittings, or forgetting to turn off a grill or stove.

In most cases, natural gas and propane will have additives added to the substance. This gives them a distinct smell that helps end users more easily detect unwanted leaks. But if a leak occurs while you are away from home, then having a detection sensor can be very important. You will integrate the sensor with your alarm system through programming. Most users set a propane or natural gas sensor to cause a trouble condition on their security system when activated. This will ensure that they know about the issue and take action to stop the leak.

Propane and natural gas detectors are great for pairing with an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or These platforms can send you text and/or email alerts regarding system activity. This includes trouble conditions caused by an activated propane or natural gas detector. This is perfect for receiving system alerts while you are away from home. If you notice that a propane or natural gas sensor has been activated, you can take the proper action to fix the problem.

A propane or natural gas leak is not as dangerous as an outbreak of carbon monoxide gas. Breathing in these substances is dangerous, but usually not life-threatening. You don't need immediate emergency services if a propane or natural gas leak occurs, but you should still address the issue as soon as possible. Some symptoms of breathing in propane or natural gas include a burning sensation in the throat, coughing, dizziness, fever, weakness, headaches, lightheadedness, and vomiting.

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