PowerG Prox Tags

PowerG Proximity Tags are very small handheld devices that can be held up to a keypad's proximity tag reader in lieu of entering a valid system code. This is great for users who might have trouble remembering a code or who simply do not want to enter codes. Buy proximity tags here.
DSC MPT - PowerG 915MHz Mini Wireless Proximity Tags, 8 Pack
PowerG 915MHz Mini Wireless Proximity Tags, 8 Pack
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Our Price: $26.99

Many system keypads include integrated proximity tag readers for scanning proximity tags. These are small handheld objects that you can use to Arm and Disarm your system instead of having to enter a valid code. Each proximity tag is a small plastic device that is slightly larger than a guitar pick. You can easily keep it in your pocket, purse, car, or even your wallet. Many proximity tags also have an opening for adding them to a key ring or a keychain.

Using a PowerG Proximity Tag is very easy. Simple pull the proximity tag out and hold it up against the proximity tag reader for the keypad. This will effectively be the same as entering a valid system code. Instead of entering a code, you can just hold up your proximity tag and gain quick access to your system. This is a great way to quickly Disarm your system when you are rushing to beat the Entry Delay period.

In order to use a proximity tag, you will need a keypad that includes a proximity tag reader. Most alarm panels do not offer integrated proximity tag readers. The keypad with proximity tag reader must be purchased and added separately. You will need to enroll the keypad with the system. You will also need to enroll the proximity tag itself. The proximity tag will be associated with a system code so that you can track which user operated the system.

Proximity tags are less commonly used than other methods for Arming and Disarming a system. For example, most users opt to go with key fobs because they don't require you to walk up to a proximity tag reader. A key fob can send out wireless signals to the system and allow you to control your system from almost anywhere in your house. Another option is to use an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. This way, you can control your alarm system from anywhere using your smartphone.

However, there are still some users who prefer the convenience of proximity tags. Since these devices are incredibly compact, they are sometimes preferred over key fobs. A proximity tag can be fit into a smaller area than a key fob, and you don't have to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong button or making an incorrect command. And since the tag needs to be held up directly to the reader, you can rest assured that signal transmissions will go through without fail.

Most proximity tags use small batteries that need to be replaced after several years. Since these devices use an extremely small amount of electricity, it's not uncommon for one of these devices to have a battery life of eight to ten years. This is not something you will need to worry about often, but it's still something to keep in mind if you plan on using proximity tags. Remember, you must have a keypad with a proximity tag reader to use these devices.

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