PowerG 915MHz Mini Wireless Proximity Tags, 8 Pack


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The DSC MPT 8-Pack of Mini Wireless Proximity Tags let you control your DSC PowerSeries NEO System Keypad without having to enter a valid code. Just hold the tag up to the proximity tag reader of the keypad. These are for compatible keypads only. Buy the DSC MPT Proximity Tag 8-Pack here.
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The DSC MPT 8-Pack includes 8 DSC PowerG Mini Wireless Proximity Tags for quickly arming and disarming a DSC PowerSeries NEO System. To use these Proximity Tags, you must have a compatible keypad. You can identify a keypad with proximity tag support, as it will have a "P" in the title.

To use a proximity tag, simply hold the tag up to the designated area of the keypad. This will be the same as entering a valid user code. These tags are great for users who don't want to bother with entering a valid code every time they use their system. They are also perfect for users with memory loss who may have trouble remembering a code.

This proximity tags are extremely small in size, and each one comes complete with a clip and strap. You can easily store one in a pocket or purse, or attach it to a bag. You get eight (8) proximity tags in this package, each with a unique color. The colors are orange, purple, grey, black, pink, red, blue, and lime green.

Please note, the following keypads work with the DSC MPT Proximity Tags:

Brand: DSC

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