Cancellation and Moving Policy


Alarm Grid allows customers to cancel at any time. When you cancel, your account will stop getting charged, and your account will be suspended as of the day the current term ends. For most of our customers (unless the customer has negotiated something different) the term ends at the end of the current billing period. For example, if a customer was activated on the 17th of January, and they cancel on the 6th of December, their account will remain active until the 16th of December. In order to cancel, we simply require an email sent to indicating that you are wishing to cancel your account. While not required, we appreciate giving a reason for the cancellation since it helps us ensure that we are continuing to give the best service possible. We will ask you to verify that you are the individual authorized to cancel the account. We take the security of our customers very seriously. Once you provide that information, Alarm Grid will begin the account cancellation process.


If you are cancelling due to a move, or if you simply want to change the address on the account because you took your system with you, Alarm Grid needs a quick email sent to This will help us quickly begin processing your move or cancellation.