2GIG GC3 & GC3e Firmware 3.2.6 - Release Notes

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Tech Support: 855.244.4832

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2GIG® GC3/3e Panel
Firmware Version 3.2.6
Release Date: Aug 2021

Release Notes

This document details the new features and enhancements for the release of Firmware Version 3.2.6 for
the 2GIG® GC3 & GC3e Panel

New Feature Additions

UL 985 edition 6 compliance for Trouble Indications

Support for 2GIG Thermostat model 2GIG-STZ-1

Support for remote trouble acknowledgement

Available to homeowners and dealers/installers from the Alarm.com Mobile App and
Alarm.com online portal

Volume slider control in system settings for trouble annunciations.

Accessible to Master User on the panel from the system settings sounds tile.

Question 73 (Q73) – Disallow User Management

Enabled or Disabled (Default: Disabled)

USERS tile is not accessible from the panel. This does not impact visibility
from alarm.com portal.


, User and Master pin codes will be shown when displaying the USER LIST on
the panel.

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions

Addition of battery testing, conditioning, and status indicator for replacement required
(*see note below)

Reduced trouble beep logic from 6-beeps to 2-beeps for quieter operation

Resolved issues revolving around visibility of hidden locks

Improved SP1 connectivity

*Note: Addition of UL 985
In compliance with UL 985 edition 6, the installation of Firmware version 3.2.6 will apply the latest standards which include
recognizing panel batteries that have aged over time and are no longer capable of providing 5 minutes of alarm signalling during
a power failure for UL985 applications. These batteries must be replaced.
Once the new firmware has been applied, the panel performs frequent tests and generates a battery trouble if any test fails to
meet UL985 threshold. Battery Trouble is considered a critical alert, which will sound and must be acknowledged every 4 hours
until the condition clears (i.e., battery is replaced). Panel Battery Trouble may trigger soon after update or it may take up to 12
hours. Dealers should be prepared to address this issue when they are upgrading the customers firmware should it occur.
Firmware prior to 3.2.6 however will continue with the previous standard and may show the battery at a normal status.

Tech Support: 855.244.4832

©2021 Nortek Security & Control LLC. All rights reserved. 2GIG is a registered trademark of Nortek Security & Control LLC.
Update Process:

USB update available on our website at 2GIG.com/Dealers under the Firmware for GC3 & GC3e

Any GC3 version can be updated to Firmware 3.2.6 from USB.

3.2.6 OTA update from Alarm.com

Firmware updates are available via cell OTA or broadband. Certain conditions may apply and
not all versions may be available to upgrade from any previous version up to Firmware 3.2.6
directly. In some cases, more than 1-Step may be required.

Contact Alarm.com or login to your ADC Dealer site for specific details as to the upgrade
paths available and instructions required.

If you have further questions or need assistance with the steps involved, contact Nortek
Customer Support at

If you are still unsure or require assistance, contact Nortek Control Customer Support for further details.

Known Issues
There are no new known issues to disclose as result of this firmware update.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Nortek Control for assistance.

For technical support in the USA and Canada:

Phone: 855-2GIG-TECH (855-244-4832)

For Email / Hours of Operation: visit www.nortekcontrol.com/technical-support/

For technical support outside of the USA and Canada:

Contact your regional distributor

Visit www.nortekcontrol.com or www.2gig.com for a list of distributors in your region

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