Bed Occupancy Sensor w/Interlogix 319.5 MHz Transmitter - Install Guide

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Wellness Sensor w/ 319.5 MHz Transmitter
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Bed Sensor System with Interlogix Transmitter for Simon XT/XTi/XTi-5
Bed Occupancy Sensor 319.5 MHz
Interlogix Simon XT/XTi/XTi-5 Compatible
30 in. x 11 in. x 0.3 in. (L x W x D) Dark blue, water-
resistant, antimicrobial nylon cloth RF-sealed with black,
water-resistant, slip-resistant, polyester cloth
Gray, 18in, 26 AWG, 4 conductor sheathed, terminated
with RJ9 connector
Electronic Enclosure
White, 3.5 in. x 2.5 in. x 0.8 in. ABS plastic
Electronic Signaling
Battery-powered filter circuit with integrated 319.5 MHz
(crystal-controlled) Interlogix-compatible transmitter with
64 minute supervisory interval
Activation Weight
Minimum 50 lb. subject directly above mat
Sensing Interface
Filtered, normally open (i.e. when not occupied),
momentary contact switch
Material Life
Typically 2 years
Updated: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 15:56:02 GMT
1 Programming

Use the AirFX
Add a Sensor
interface or the panel interface to add the bed sensor to the account. Set
New Sensor Information
as shown in the chart to the right.

For enrolling the sensor at the panel, the sensor can be tampered by pressing and holding the red button on
the transmitter box for 5 seconds, until the red LED illuminates, and then releasing the button.

Please note that a sensor in group 40 may sound a special chime if the option is turned on. In most cases, the
panel will default the special chime to off. Refer to the panel instructions to ensure that the special chime is
turned off if you do not wish for the chime to sound when the bed is vacated.

In special cases where turning off the special chime functionality is not desired, the bed sensor can be learned
into group 27, however this is not the optimal configuration.

After the sensor is added to the system, change the sensor type to
by doing the following:

From the
page of the Dealer
Website click
to the right of the sensor’s name.

Select the
Change Sensor Type
action, and update the new sensor type to
Sensor ID
(Select an unused ID)
Sensor Name
DL Code
(Inside the battery compartment of the transmitter)
Installation and testing
Locate the sensor within 100 feet of the base station.
Place the sensor on top of a mattress and below the sheets with the dark blue side facing up. The sensor should
be positioned directly under the hip area when an individual is lying down. The sensor should be placed
horizontally across the bed. It is recommended that the bed sensor is placed under a thin mattress pad to improve
Tuck the transmitter and any excess cable between the mattress and box spring.
To test the bed sensor, apply weight directly above the mat for several seconds and release. View the
page on the Dealer Website to confirm the sensor activity.
Lie flat on the bed with hips directly positioned on top of the mat.
Do not bend or fold the sensor.
Wipe down with moistened cloth (i.e. water and soap or mild disinfectant), and wipe dry.
Do not machine wash.
Updated: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 15:56:02 GMT