ADC-T40K-HD - Smart Thermostat w/Color Touchscreen - What are the components?

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Smart Thermostat w/ HD Color Touchscreen
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What are the components of the Smart Thermostat HD (ADC-T40K-
Three components make up the Smart Thermostat HD:
Trim plate
Thermostat (ADC-T40)
Display (ADC-T40-HD)
The Thermostat will mount on the wall using the trim plate, with wires inserted in the terminals, and the Display will
mount onto the Thermostat using magnets.
: The Display is the component containing the Temperature and Humidity sensor for the Thermostat, not the
The Thermostat is the component that communicates with the Z-Wave network, not the Display.
Naming conventions
Model/part numbers
The product as a whole. When ordering the ADC-T40K-
HD, it will come with an ADC-T40 and an ADC-T40-HD
in the box, along with instructions for installing the Smart
Thermostat HD in the traditional configuration.
The base thermostat (see Thermostat below).
The touchscreen display (see Display below).
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1 Common language
Smart Thermostat HD
Smart Thermostat HD
encompasses either both the
Thermostat + Display.
This is what the end user will think the product is. To
them, the product is the Smart Thermostat HD.
The section of the Smart Thermostat HD that has the
traditional thermostat capabilities - relays, terminals,
HVAC control logic, and is technically a fully functional
headless (no display) thermostat.
Users may think the is just the backplate, as it is
mounted to the wall
and has the wire terminals.
The Thermostat is the portion of the product
over Z-Wave to the Z-Wave
The touchscreen display section of the Smart Thermostat
HD. This is the part the user will view and interact with.
It connects to the front of
the Thermostat and is powered
via the Thermostat. It cannot be used standalone.
It has all the environmental sensors for the Smart
Thermostat HD
and relays the information to the
Thermostat for use. It does not communicate with the Z-
Wave controller directly, as all communication with the Z-
Wave controller is relayed through the Thermostat.
Updated: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 22:57:40 GMT