Home Automation Modules

Home automation modules make for great additions to your growing smart home network. We offer many great smart home devices, such as lights, door locks and smart thermostats. You can then control these devices through an interactive service platform like TC2 or ADC. Buy home automation modules here.
Honeywell 5877GDPK - Wireless Relay Module with Z-Wave Siren
Honeywell 5877GDPK
Wireless Relay Module with Z-Wave Siren
List Price: $138.00
Our Price: $101.99
Brilliant BHS120US
Wireless Dimmer/Switch Combo Single Switch
List Price:
Our Price: $63.99
Brilliant BHP120US-WH1
Smart Plug
List Price:
Our Price: $27.99
Lutron Caseta 6WCL-WH - Anterior In-Wall Light Dimmer
Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL
Wireless In-Wall Light Dimmer
List Price: $108.00
Our Price: $75.99
Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ
IQ Lockdown, Z-Wave Plus Compatible Magnetic Lock
List Price:
Our Price: $656.99
Alarm.com ADC-S40-T
Z-Wave Plus Temperature and Humidity Sensor
List Price:
Our Price: $30.99
Yale YRC256
Assure Lock Interconnected Z-Wave Plus Lockset with Touchscreen Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $488.99
Kwikset Smartcode 916
Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus
List Price:
Our Price: $269.99
Kwikset Home Connect 620
Traditional Keypad Connected Smart Lock w/Z-Wave Plus
List Price:
Our Price: $182.99
Yale YRD156-ZW2
Yale Pro™ Key-free Deadbolt w/Touchscreen
List Price:
Our Price: $263.99
Yale YRD136-ZW2
Yale Pro™ Key-free Deadbolt w/Keypad
List Price:
Our Price: $200.99
GoControl GD00Z-8-GC - Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener
GoControl GD00Z-8-GC
Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener
List Price: $206.00
Our Price: $142.99

Home automation modules can certainly make your life more convenient. These are smart devices that you can have automatically based on a schedule or when certain predetermined events occur. There are many great home automation module devices to choose from. If you want a complete integrated network, then you should get as many as possible. These devices are super easy to enroll. In fact, many are plug and play devices. They can be plugged into an outlet, and you can then pair it with your network.

When choosing home automation modules, you should first consider which smart home network you are building around. Many people with security systems will use Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave is extremely versatile, and it works with many of the alarm systems that we support. You can easily add new Z-Wave devices to your network and then control them through a platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. This is also good for having your Z-Wave devices activate automatically when certain events occur on your security system, such as when you arm or disarm.

If you are an Apple user, then you might consider building around the HomeKit platform. Apple HomeKit is designed exclusively for iOS devices, so Android users will need to look elsewhere. But HomeKit is great because you can use Siri voice commands from anywhere to control your smart home automation modules. You just need to have an appropriate HomeKit Hub put into place. The HomeKit Hub is a compatible device that you will keep on-site at all times to serve as the command center for your HomeKit network. Only certain devices can be used as a HomeKit Hub, so make sure to check compatibility if you decide to go this route.

As far as actual home automation devices, there are many options to choose from. Smart lights are some of the easiest to use and the most common. Being able to control your home's lights from anywhere is more useful than you might think. Smart lights are also great if you think that you may have accidentally forgotten to turn your lights off. You can also turn on your light remotely if you realize that you will be out late, and you want to deter anyone from entering your home.

A smart thermostat is a great way to save money on your energy bills. You can have your home begin heating or cooling shortly before you arrive home to ensure that your house or apartment is comfortable when you get back. But then during the day, the HVAC system won't be working as hard so that you can save money. And you can always adjust the temperature while you are away in case your plans ever change. And smart locks are a great addition as well. These devices are perfect for letting friends or visitors inside while you are away. You can even unlock the door from the backyard so that you do not have to go all the way to front door to let someone in when you are entertaining. You might also consider pairing your smart lock with a video doorbell camera like a SkyBell so that you can see exactly who is at the door before you go to answer it.

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