ADC-VDBA-MAT Overview - Dated February 4, 2021

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Video Doorbell Mat for ADC-VDB770
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How does the Video Doorbell Mat work?
The optional Video Doorbell Mat (ADC-VDBA-MAT) is a standard doormat
that can be placed within the
Touchless Doorbell feature's configured Ground Zone.
The mat
is designed to be used with ADC-VDB770 devices in combination with the Video Doorbell Touchless Cover
(ADC-VDBA-COVER) accessory to direct visitors to stand on the mat when Touchless Doorbell is enabled in the video
analytics rule.
For more information about how to configure the Touchless Doorbell feature, see
Touchless Doorbell for the ADC-
VDB770 - User Guide
For more information about the
Video Doorbell Touchless Cover, see
How does the Video Doorbell Touchless Cover
Updated: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 19:24:25 GMT