Video Doorbell Mat for ADC-VDB770

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The ADC-VDBA-MAT Video Doorbell Mat is an accessory used with the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera and the ADC-VDBA-COVER Touchless Cover. The Video Doorbell Mat instructs guests to activate the doorbell by standing on the mat, as opposed to pressing a button. Buy the ADC-VDBA-MAT here.
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The ADC-VDBA-MAT Video Doorbell Mat allows users to activate the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera without pressing a button. It should be used alongside the ADC-VDBA-COVER so that users know to not touch the doorbell camera, and to instead stand on the mat.

Written on the ADC-VDBA-MAT Doorbell Mat is the message "Stand On Mat To Ring Doorbell", which lets users know that they should not touch the video doorbell to activate. The mat is "installed" by simply placing it on the group. It should be placed within the doorbell's configured Ground Zone for proper functionality. The ADC-VDB770 should have the Touchless Doorbell feature enabled as a Video Analytics Rule.


  • Product Type: Floor Mat
  • Compatibility: ADC-VDB770 & ADC-VDBA-COVER
  • Message: "Stand On Mat To Ring Doorbell"
  • Installation: Tools-Free


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