ADC-VDBA-TC Overview - Dated February 4, 2021

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Temperature Collar Accessory for ADC-VDB770
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How does the Video Doorbell Temperature Collar work?
The Video Doorbell Temperature Collar (ADC-VDBA-TC)
is a molded polymer that matches the shape of the area
between the ADC-VDB770 back plate and the mounting surface (whether a mounting bracket is used or not).
The temperature collar is designed to be used in very cold environments (i.e., below -30C) to extend the operational
range of the ADC-VDB770. The ADC-VDB770 is designed to work with full functionality in environments as low as -30C
ambient without the collar but -40C ambient with the collar properly installed. The temperature collar blocks airflow to the
heat sink so that the device more efficiently retains the heat generated from internal components.
Separate the collar at the bottom.
Place the collar around the back of the backplate of an already mounted ADC-VDB770.
Push the collar firmly against the mounting surface and/or mounting bracket so that the fins on the backplate are
no longer visible.
Reattach the two ends of the collar by
pulling them together.
Updated: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 19:50:15 GMT
Updated: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 19:50:15 GMT