Temperature Collar Accessory for ADC-VDB770

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The ADC-VDBA-TC Video Doorbell Temperature Collar is used with the ADC-VDB770 in cold environments where the temperature may drop below -20°F. Using the temperature collar allows the ADC-VDB770 to operate safely in temperatures as low as -40°F. Buy the ADC-VDBA-TC here.
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The ADC-VDBA-TC is a temperature collar for the ADC-VDB770 Video Doorbell Camera. Using the ADC-VDBA-TC extends the low-end operating temperature for the doorbell camera from -20°F, down to -40°F. You can use the ADC-VDBA-TC with or without the ADC-VDBA-WP Wall Mounting Plate.

Using the ADC-VDBA-TC is strongly recommended if you plan on using the ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera in a very cold environment. It works by blocking airflow to the heat sink, thereby allowing the video doorbell to more efficiently retain the heat emitted from its internal components. It serves as a simple way to extend the safe device operating temperature on the low temperature end.

Installing the ADC-VDBA-TC Temperature collar is very simple. Start by separating the temperature collar at the bottom. Then place the device around the backplate of the ADC-VDB770. The doorbell camera should already be mounted when doing this, and there is no need to remove the ADC-VDB770 from its mounted location. You want to push the temperature collar firmly against the mounting surface and/or the mounting bracket so that the backplate "fins" are no longer visible. Lastly, reattach the two ends of the temperature collar by pulling them together. This will complete the installation.


  • Product Type: Temperature Collar
  • Compatibility: ADC-VDB770 & ADC-VDBA-WP
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 104°F.
  • Operating Humidity: 0% to 95%, Noncondensing Relative Humidity

Brand: ADC-VDBA-TC Compatible Products ADC-VDB770
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Our Price: $196.99 ADC-VDBA-WP
Video Doorbell Wall Mounting Plate for ADC-VDB770
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