Emergency Call Button w/DSC 433 MHz Transmitter - Install Guide

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Taxons Emergency Call Button
w/ 433 MHz Transmitter
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Emergency Call Button with DSC Transmitter
Stationary Emergency Button 433 MHz
DSC Compatible
4.75 in. x 2.25 in. (Diameter x Depth) Black, ABS plastic
base with slip-resistant feet and 3 x AAA battery housing
for optional audible message on button press Red, ABS
plastic, spring-loaded push button
Electronic Signaling
Battery-powered filter circuit with integrated 433
(crystal-controlled) DSC-compatible transmitter with 64
minute supervisory interval
Sensing Interface
Filtered, normally open (i.e. when not pressed),
momentary contact switch
Battery Life
Replaceable 3x AAA battery: 2+ years
Use the AirFX “Add a Sensor” page or the panel interface to add the button to the account. Set the
“New Sensor Information” as shown in the chart.

Please note that Zone Definition 15 should be used if the button will signal an emergency.

Zone definition 26 can be used if the button will not signal an emergency.
After the sensor is added to the system, change the sensor type to “Push Button.”

From the
page of the Dealer Website click
to the right of the sensor’s name.

Select the “Change Sensor Type” action, and update the new sensor type to “Push Button.”
Sensor ID
(Select an unused ID)
Zone Definition
15 (Emergency) or 26 (Non-Emergency)
Updated: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 21:15:01 GMT
1 Sensor Name
Serial Number (ESN)
(On the bottom of the sensor)
Locate the sensor within 100 feet of the base station. Ensure that the On/Off switch on the base of the button is set to
the “On” position. The sensor can be mounted using the included mounting plate and mounting hardware or simply
place the sensor on a flat surface in a visible location.
Note that the device may signal a tamper if the button is pressed within the first two seconds after the on/off switch is set
to the “On” position.
Press and hold the switch for one second.
Updated: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 21:15:01 GMT