Wellcam (ADC-V622-WELL) Overview

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Indoor 1080P Camera Tower with Night Vision and Two-Way Voice
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Wellcam is the first camera designed to
empower safe and healthy independent living.
By introducing Wellcam to a loved-one’s home,
subscribers can extend their blanket of smart home protection
and provide peace of mind for their entire family.
Two-way voice and live video calls connect through the
app and enable caregivers and family to stay connected to a loved
one and actually see how they are doing. Activity alerts and highlights
provide reassurance when all is well and an additional safety net for
detecting trouble.
Placed in a living room or kitchen area, Wellcam’s
180-degree field of view camera with 1080p resolution and
6mp zoom can monitor an entire space and provide a direct
connection between subscribers and their
Check In

Visually verify how a loved one is doing with video calls
through the mobile app.
Call Out

Push Wellcam’s call button to get connected to family or
let them know if there’s an emergency – no smartphone
Zoom In

Sharpen your focus and see every detail with high-resolution
enhanced zoom.
While traditional independent living solutions like PERs are
designed to respond to after an emergency, Wellcam keeps
families ahead of trouble.

View Highlights

A daily summary of activity highlights lets family monitor
quality of life with just a glance.
Play Audio

Listen to music or podcasts through the camera like
a regular Bluetooth speaker.
Get Proactive Peace of Mind

With the Wellness service, stay informed about changes

in activity level that may indicate emerging health issues
about dangerous situations like wandering.