Indoor 1080P Camera Tower with Night Vision and Two-Way Voice

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The Wellcam is ideal for monitoring your elderly or mobility-challenged loved one. You can use the platform to get a live look at your loved one and make sure they are okay. The 1080p camera offers features like IR night vision and two-way voice. Buy the ADC Wellcam here.
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The ADC-V622-WELL, or the Wellcam, is a wellness camera made for use with the Wellness Platform. The camera is used for monitoring an elderly or mobility-challenged loved one and making sure they are okay. video monitoring is needed to use the camera.

Additionally, the ADC-V622-WELL can also be used as a great camera in its own right, without necessarily being used to monitor a loved one. Its clean, modern design will fit in with almost any decor in a home or business. Its remarkable 180 degree field of view (FOV) lets it monitor larger areas without multiple cameras being required. This indoor camera can capture video at up to 1080p quality, which allows for some crystal clear videos. It also features 6mp zoom if a closer look is ever needed. And it supports audio playback if you or your loved one wants to listen to music or a podcast through its built-in Bluetooth speaker. This is also used for 2-way audio communication through You can even use the camera in the dark thanks to its IR night vision.

If you have a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, then the ADC-V622-WELL can be used in some really exciting ways. This is one of the cameras that can be used for live-streaming audio/video directly to the panel. This way, you can have live conversation with whoever is in front of the camera while you are in front of the security panel. You can also do this from, but being able to stream live audio/video to the panel provides some added flexibility. We encourage you to check out this FAQ about streaming video, as well as this FAQ about 2-way audio.

If you do decide to use the ADC-V622-WELL as a wellness camera, then it is certainly one of the best options available. Having an elderly or disabled loved one can present its own set of challenges. It requires a delicate balance to help them live as independently as possible, while also being able to check-in on them as needed. We strongly recommend pairing it with the Wellness Platform so that you can get alerts regarding any unusual activity or occurrences. This could include the camera detecting movement at an unusual hour or the device not detecting any activity for an extended period of time. The ADC Wellness Platform can be added to your by your alarm monitoring company.

The ADC-V622 can communicate with through either a WIFI connection or a hardwired ethernet connection. The camera supports power over ethernet (PoE) for powering the device if an ethernet connection is used. if PoE is desired, but the network equipment in use does not support it, a PoE Injector can be used to facilitate this feature. If an ethernet connection is not used, an included ten (10) foot power adapter will provide power to the camera. Both 2.4 and 5 GHz WIFI frequencies are supported for the ADC-V622.

The lens for the ADC-V622-WELL is 1.62mm, F2.3. The camera provides a robust viewing angle of 180°. Its IR night vision range is rated at about ~15 feet or 5m. Image adjustments include Flip, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Exposure. It also supports Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. The device measures 3.125"L x 3.125"W x 5.2"H. It features an LED light to show status. Mounting hardware and a startup guide is included. Once the camera has been set up and configured with, a user can view the live feed for the camera at any time through the Mobile App or website.

Note: In June 2019, added Video Analytics support for the ADC-V622. This allows users to receive real time text and/or email alerts regarding unusual activity, while ignoring routine movement. This is perfect for users who want detailed information regarding the activity in their homes.

Note: Requires the Pro Video with Analytics 3000 Service Package Add-On for to use as a wellness camera.

Brand: ADC-V622-WELL Compatible Products ADC-VPE-9FT-W
9-Foot Long Power Extension Cable for Cameras
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