DSC EV-DW4917 - Installation Manual

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Step 4) Using an 11/16" drill bit, slowly drill the first hole for the magnet. The EV-DW4917 was
specifically designed to be slightly larger than an 11/16" hole so you will need to carefully drill to
fit by slowly routing the hole little by little to ensure a snug fit.*
Step 5) Drill the mating hole for the transmitter and use either the standard flush mount cap and
insert the transmitter for a snug fit or use the flanged cap and use the included screws for
mounting the transmitter to the door or window frame.
* If you accidentally drill the magnet side too big and it is loose, you can place the transmitter in
that position and use the flanged cap to screw it into position.
Refer to your installation manual for enrolling wireless devices into a DSC control panel.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept
any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
IC: The term ‘IC:’ before the radio certification number
only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met.
©2005 Secure Wireless
Technical Support: (866) 908-TECH (8324)
EV-DW4917 Recessed Door/Window
Contact - Installation Manual
The EV-DW4917 is the industries most flexible supervised recessed door/window contact
allowing a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame.
The EV-DW4917 uses a replaceable lithium battery and should last 5 years under normal usage.
Accessing the EV-DW4917
Use a flat head screw driver to access the EV-DW4917
to change tops or access the battery.
(See figure 1)
NOTICE: Before removing the circuit board,
notice that it fits inside a channel on the inside
of the case. When replacing the board, ensure
you fit it back into the same channel for proper fit.
Install Battery
Use care when installing the battery and observe the correct polarity
when the battery is inserted (see Figure 2). Use only Panasonic Lithium
CR2 batteries for replacement. When replacing battery use a flat head
screw driver to open the top (See accessing the EV-DW4917)
WARNING!: Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge,
disassemble or dispose of in fire.
Mount Transmitter and Magnet
It is important to select the proper placement of the
recessed transmitter and magnet. The transmitter has two
separate tops that allow a flush mount or screw mount in
case you accidentally over drill the hole or require extra
support to ensure the transmitter does not move. The
magnet does not have a second top with a flange to screw
it into place so you must be extra careful to ensure that the
magnet is tightly in place once installed.
Step 1) Install the CR2 battery if you have not already done
so (See Install battery section of the manual)
Step 2) Write down the serial number printed on the outside
of the EV-DW4917 case or on the board inside where you
place the battery
Step 3) Select a location on the door or window frame for
the EV-DW4917 transmitter and magnet to be installed. Use a
marker or piece of clay to mark and ensure that the two holes
you intend to drill are lined up directly across from each other.
Figure 1
Circuit Board
Figure 2
This is only one option
when mounting the
EV-DW4917, You must a
sses the best
mounting method based
on the application.