ELK-110 Voice Driver - Install Guide

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Elk 110
Voice Siren Driver
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Voice Driver
The ELK-110 is ideal for residential and commercial
alarm applications. It combines the advantages
of high quality voice messages with conventional
siren and temporal code tone sounds. It features 3
input channels, bilingual voice messages, and many
unique options.
Features or Specifications subject to change without notice.
Voice Driver
ELK-110 v5
Instructions Printed On Inside
ELK-110 v5
• Three Input Channels, Burglar, Fire, and CO
• Siren only, Voice only, or combined
• Bilingual Voice - English & Spanish
• Temporal Coded Tones - ANSI standard Audible
Emergency Evacuation Signaling
• Speaker Trouble Supervision
• Nom. Operating Voltage: 10-14 Volts D.C.
• Nom. Current Draw: 1.25 Amps (8 Ohm Spkr)
• Min. Low Current Trigger: 10.5VDC
• Sound Level: 122 db @1meter
• Freq. Temporal 3=800Hz, Temporal 4=1000Hz
• MilliMiser™ Current Drain 800 mA
• Maximum Speaker Loading: 4 Ohms
• Size: 2.75" X 4.0" (70mm X 102mm)
With Siren & Temporal Coded Tones
* Now includes Carbon Monoxide Alarm *
With Siren & Temporal Coded Tones
The ELK-110 features pre-recorded alarm messages in
English & Spanish and 3 alarm channels, 1 for Burglar, 1 for
Fire, and 1 for Carbon Monoxide. The siren/tones include
High/Low Siren for Burglary, Temporal 3 Coded Tone for Fire,
and Temporal 4 Coded Tone for Carbon Monoxide. Jumper
pins allow customization of options and features.
The ELK-110 has both positive (+BA) and negative (-BA)
inputs for Burglary conditions, making it compatible with
most Controls. Tripping either channel causes a Burglary
warning message and a loud high/low siren. For Controls
that provide steady and pulsing on their alarm outputs, the
ELK-110 ofers ComboTrigger™ which can distinguish a pulse
from a steady and automatically switch Burg to Fire.
+FA (FIRE) This input is positive (+) trip only, and features
a Fire warning message and a Temporal 3 Coded Tone. It
is compliant with ANSI standard for Audible Emergency
Evacuation Signaling.
+CO (Carbon Monoxide) This input is positive (+) trip only,
and features a Carbon Monoxide warning message and a
Temporal 4 Coded Tone.
FIRE (+FA) Override Should the +FA input be activated while
either the +BA or +CO Alarm channels are sounding, Fire will
take priority and will override the other alarms.
Caution: This ONLY functions on the +FA input. Pulsing
on the +BA or -BA to activate Fire WILL NOT OVERRIDE
the +BA or +CO alarms. If Fire priority override is desired,
connect ONLY Positive (+) Steady output triggers to the
three (+) inputs.
Voice messages are spoken in English Only, or English
followed by Spanish. (See "Switch & Jumper Options").
BA (Burglar) English:
Intruder, intruder, the authorities have been notifed, leave
immediately. Followed by high/low Alarm sound. This
repeats until trigger is removed. {Spanish can be added
by placing a shorting jumper on JP5}
FA (Fire) English:
Fire, fre, please evacuate the building. Followed by
Temporal 3 Coded Tone. This repeats until the trigger is
removed. {Spanish can be added by placing a shorting
jumper on JP5}
CO (Carbon Monoxide) English:
Warning, Carbon Monoxide, please evacuate the building.
Followed by Temporal 4 Coded Tone. This repeats until
the trigger is removed. {Spanish can be added by placing
a shorting jumper on JP5}
SPEAKER - For connection of Alarm Speaker(s). The lowest
sustainable impedance is 4 Ohms.
SPKR TRBL - (Speaker Supervision, see option JP8)
The ELK-110 can monitor the SPEAKER Output and provide
a switched low (pull to ground) on terminal "Out" when no
continuity is detected (e.g. cut wire or removed speaker).
A N/O or EOL resistor Control Zone may be connected as
follows: Connect SPKR TRBL "NEG" terminal to the Zone
Neg. Connect SPKR TRBL "OUT" to the Zone Input. The EOL
resistor (if used) is connected across these inputs.
* Supervision only detects total loss of continuity, it will not
detect a dead short on the SPEAKER output. *
Be sure to place a shorting jumper on JP8 and connect the
RED (+12V) wire to a constant power source.
When the ELK-110 is active and sounding an alarm it may
be possible for the SPKR TRBL output to inadvertently false
activate. This is normal due to the fact that speaker continuity
cannot be measured while the siren is sounding.
• MilliMiser™ - option reduces current draw for controls with
limited alarm output power
• ComboTrigger™ - option for single alarm output controls which
have the option of steady for burglar and pulsing for fre.
• VolumeStep™ - option starts the siren sounds at low volume and
step to full volume after 30 seconds. {voice does not step}
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