Elk 110

Voice Siren Driver


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The Elk 110 is a siren driver that allows a speaker to be used as a siren for an alarm system. The module provides a speaker with the resources needed to produce a verbal alarm in an emergency. Burglary, fire and carbon monoxide phrases are included. Buy the Elk 110 Voice Siren Driver here.
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The Elk 110 Voice Siren Driver allows an alarm speaker to operate as a siren for a security system. During an alarm, the siren driver will tell the speaker what type of sound to produce. The Elk 110 provides unique verbal phrases for intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide emergency alerts.

To use the Elk 110 Voice Siren Driver, a user will need a speaker and power supply. The Elk 110 will provide support for up to 122 decibels of sound. The three input channels provide support for three different phrases (burglar, fire and carbon monoxide). Both English and Spanish phrasing is available. Once activated, the speaker will alternate between the siren and the verbal phrasing.

Brand: Elk

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