Elk 9200 Heavy Duty Relay Installation Guide

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Heavy Duty Relay for High Voltage Devices
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The ELK-9200 is a Heavy Duty Relay/Contactor
inside a lockable metal enclosure. It is designed
for remotely controlling high current devices such
as electric water heaters, pumps, motors, gates,
etc. The energizing coil of the 9200 is 110 VAC,
however its relay contacts are capable of
switching 220 VAC at up to 60 Amps of current.
The relay coil is prewired with a three (3) prong
plug-in cord. This plug is compatible with virtually
any appliance style automation module
(purchased separately) including: UPB, Insteon,
ZWave, Zigbee, X10, etc. A simple remote
command can be sent to activate the lower current
automation module, which in turn then activates
the higher current contacts of the 9200 relay. This
permits the safe and easy On/Off switching of up to
60 Amps of electrical current.
• Heavy Duty "UL Recognized" Relay
• Operating Coil Voltage: 110 VAC
• Coil Current Draw: