Honeywell 470-12 - Installation Manual

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Honeywell 470-12 - Wired Flood Detection Module
Honeywell 470-12
Wired Flood Detection Module
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The No. 470 Water Sensor is completely electronic and its design allows water to be detected with low voltage
and low current. Electronic module is designed to be located in and powered by a like voltage alarm control and
can monitor up to 2 sensor probes. The probes are normally placed by sump pumps, washing machines,
kitchens, computer rooms, etc. where flooding is a possibility and early warning is desirable to prevent damage.
The control module can be located up to 20 feet when used with 22AWG twisted pair wire or 100
feet using 20AWG twisted wire from the detection probe(s).
Mount probe No. 470-PB to water pipe in the sump pump pit or any location where detection of water
is desired using the two mounting holes provided. A tie strap can also be used for ease in attaching the
probe to pipes. Adjust the probe to the point of desired detection. The detector will activate when both
pins contact water.
Connect the filtered DC power to terminals 5(+) and 6(-). Be sure to observe polarity. Connect one terminal of the
probe to terminal 6 (-) of the module and the other terminal to terminal 4 of the module. Terminals l(N.C.), 2(C),
and terminal 3(N.O.) will provide dry contact only (no voltage output). After installing the probe, coat both its
screw terminals with a silicone sealer.
The No. 470 is provided with two sensitivity settings. After installation, check the sensor by placing the probe in
the water to be detected. If the unit activates when the terminals are shorted at the module and not at the probe,
recheck your wiring and connections. If the wiring is correct, then you must increase the detectors sensitivity.
Remove the module lid by unscrewing the four small screws. Cut the loop wire protruding from the PC board
and then spread apart. The high sensitivity mode will alIow detection of moisture between two probe pins.
Repeat the above testing procedure.
The No. 470 Water Sensor should be periodically tested to ensure proper operation (suggested monthly). After
200 hours of continuous activation (detection of water) the probe should be cleaned. Wipe or scrape off any
accumulated substances to expose the metal pins.
If desired, you may connect a second detection probe to the module to protect another area. The second probe is
connected to the same terminals (6) and (4). Note: 2 probes maximum per unit.
Module size: 2 1/2" inches (63.5 mm) deep by 3 inches (76.2 mm) wide by 4 inches (101.6 mm) long.
Probe size: 1/2" inch (12.7 mm) deep by 1/2" inch (12.7 mm) long by 2 inches (50.8 mm) wide.
Electrical 470-6 470- 12
Voltage 6VDC 12VDC
Probe Current (activated) .3 mils 1 .O mils respectively
Total Current Draw on alarm 52 mils 40 mils respectively
Relay rating 3 amps 5 amps respectively
Standby Current 0 0
Regular maintenance by the installer and frequent testing by the user is vital for continuous satisfactory
operation of any alarm system. The installer should assume the responsibility of developing and offering a
regular maintenance program to the user as well as acquainting the user with a proper operation and
limitation of the alarm system and its component parts. Recommendations must be included for a specific
program of frequent testing to ensure the systems proper operation at all times.
Division of Pittway Corporation
165 Eileen Way Syosset, NY 1 11791
The control module can be
detection probe(s) when
22AWG twisted pair wire is
used. The distance can be
increased to 100 feet when
20AWG twisted pair wire is
The sensor shoutd be
mounted so that the probe
pins are at the point of
desired contact with water
using the two mounting
holes provided. A tie strap
can also be used for ease
in attaching the probe to a
pipe. It's that simple.
The No. 470 is provided with
two sensitivity settings for
greater fIexibility,
All units are set at the least
sensitive mode. An actual
bridge of water is required
to activate the detector at
this sensitivity setting. This
eliminates falsing due to
If higher sensitivity is desired,
this can be accomplished by
removing the cover and clip-
ping the looped resistor on the
PC board. Once the looped
end is clipped, the detector
becomes highly sensitive and
will activate with moisture.
located up to 20 feet from the
Module size: 2 1/2" (63.5mm) deep by 3" (76.2rnm) wide
by 4" (101.6mm) long
Probe size: 1/2" (12.7mrn) deep by 1 1/4" (31.75mrn) long
by 2" (50mrn) wide
Eletrical 470-6
Voltage 6VDC
Probe Current (activated) 6 mils
Total Current Draw
On Alarm 18 mils
Alarm Output: SPDT Relay
Relay Rating 2 amps
Standby Current 0
No. 470-6 Water Sensor, 6VDC
(1 probe included)
No. 470-12 Water Sensor, 12VDC
(1 probe inchded)
NO. 470PB Probe for
No. 470 Water Sensor
12 mils
40 mils
SPDT Relay
5 amps