Honeywell 470-12

Wired Flood Detection Module

Honeywell 470 12 wired flood detection module

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The Honeywell 470-12 is a 12 volt DC powered water detection module. There is a single 470PB water probe included with the module, howeve...
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The Honeywell 470-12 is a 12 volt DC powered water detection module. There is a single 470PB water probe included with the module, however it does support up to two probes. There is no wiring included. Honeywell also makes the FP280 water probe. Basically the same probe design with 16.5 feet of cabling and a resistor already connected. If you are looking for a second probe, this is your best bet. You may even be able to splice off some of the wiring and make both runs with the included amount of cable. When using 22AWG wire the probe should be no more than 20 feet from the module. For longer runs, you can use 20AWG and go up to 100 feet, though it is recommended to stay within with 20 feet for ideal operation.

Generally, the 470-12 is wired to an alarm system's auxiliary power output; the same terminals used to power keypads. On a VISTA-­20P, you would wire the 470­-12's positive power to terminal 5 on the ECP bus 12 volt output. Then wire the ground to panel terminal 4.

The third pair of connections is the data wiring to the alarm. The module has a Form C contact output so it supports both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) configurations. Depending on how the zone is programmed, you need to wire the common (C) and either (NC) or (NO) depending on how you program the input type on the security system. If you want to supervise the wiring, you can wire an appropriate end of line (EOL) resistor at the 470­-12. Wire in series for (NC) operation. Wire in parallel for (NO). Then program the zone's hardwire type to EOLR.

After programming the input type to the appropriate configuration (NC, NO or EOLR), you can set the zone to 24 hour auxiliary (Zone Type 8 -­ 24 hr aux). Anytime the probe's prongs are shorted, it will trip the corresponding zone and trigger a keypad alarm. If you have central station monitoring you can set it up to report to them as well. You can also setup a text and/or email alert from services like Total Connect 2.0 or


Alex, according to Honeywell, the relay is a Form C, SPDT, Normal Open or Normal Closed. This is a fail secure relay. The closed side stays closed and open side stays open even with no power applied to unit. Per the manufacturer's instructions, only 2 probes per unit.
What happens when this unit loses power? I'd like to connect to water shut-off valve if leak is detected, but while I want to be alerted if someone unplugged this unit, I'm not sure I'd like the water to be automatically shut-off as a result. Also, any possibility to connect 3-4 probes in parallel (short runs in the same small room) or is 2 the absolute max?
Usually, you would use the 470PB ( ) prob with the 470-12 instead of the FP280 which is designed for the wireless 5821 transmitter but yes, you would put a resistor on the zone wiring to the panel from the 470-12 and the FP280 should still work as the water sensing probe.
I'm connecting the water module to a Vista 21ip as NO with EOLR If I use the FP280 sensor with a resistor already installed, do I still wire the 470-12 as NO with a 2k resistor in parallel across the NC and C contacts? Thanks!
No, unfortunately the L5210 doesn't have an auxiliary output for wired devices that need power so you'll need a separate transformer or aux power supply for the 470-12 if you want to use that instead of the 5821 wireless transmitter. Also, if you do want to supervise the wiring, you'd need to use the 2K resistor that came with the L5210. The 470-12 doesn't come with a resistor as it's expected you'll be wiring it to a system that would have come with the necessary resistor. We don't sell spare resistors so if you mis-placed your panel's 2K resistor, you'd have to try and find one somewhere else online.
Hi, I want to hook up a 470-12 as a hardwire zone and I'm wondering if the L5210 has a 12v auxiliary power output or if I need to buy a separate power supply for the 470-12. Also the 470-12 and the additional 470-PB did not come with an EOL resistor. Do you sell them separately? Thank you
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