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Wireless Temperature Sensor and Water Sensor
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...before it happens!

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Prevent disaster...

Protection that’s priceless.
Although you probably know that security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property, you may not know about the important role environmental sensors can play in safeguarding your home and valuables. Damages resulting from flood and temperature changes can cause personal and financial devastation. Destroyed family heirlooms and personal effects are irreplaceable. Count on Honeywell to provide protection that’s priceless.
Stopping damage before it starts. Basements, water heaters and sump pumps are at high risk for leaks and damage. Dishwashers and washing machines are common sources of ruptured hoses, seepage and other water-related catastrophes. Honeywell’s environmental sensors can help avert costly structural damages stemming from flood. When the presence of water is sensed, our detectors can intelligently initiate a chain of events in response. Your security system can alert the central station— even call you on your cell phone—so you can take action to help stop the damage before it starts. Know your risk

Get an added sense of security whether you’re at home or away by installing our environmental sensors to any room that has the potential for a significant change in temperature. When the sensor indicates that your predetermined upper or lower temperature limit has been exceeded, the system will alert you. Homeowners can have added peace of mind, knowing that they can protect vulnerable areas including: • Freezers and refrigerators • Attics, basements and boilers • Wine cellars • Greenhouses • Vacation homes

Our sensors can:
• Monitor kitchens, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, boilers and other areas at high risks for potential leaks • Help minimize damages due to flooding, faulty appliances and plumbing leaks • Help alleviate the dangerous health risks from mold due to water damage

The facts are in*: • 60% of property claims are caused by faulty indoor appliances or plumbing leaks • 25% are caused by rain and flooding • 11% are caused by sewers and sump pumps The result? In addition to the mess, inconvenience and time associated with making any necessary repairs, homeowners and business owners are often forced to pay costly “outof-pocket” expenses and insurance deductibles. What’s more, the presence of mold can create an unhealthy living and working environment. Honeywell’s sensors can help you minimize these risks.
*Source: 2003 Insurance Research Council;

Also ideal in commercial settings, business owners can keep an eye on temperature-sensitive environments such as: • Pet stores • Butcher shops • Restaurants, cafeterias and commercial kitchens • Flower shops • Medical laboratories