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Honeywell 6150 - Fixed English Alarm Keypad with Function Buttons
Honeywell 6150
Fixed English Alarm Keypad with Function Buttons
List Price: $86.00
Our Price: $56.99

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Deluxe Alpha Keypad

Easy To Use and Easy To Read
Our Deluxe Alpha Keypad contains a host of convenient features that make security system operation simpler than ever. What’s more, the sleek, attractive keypad looks as good as it works! Features include: • A bright, easy-to-read fixed-English display • Audible beeps that indicate system status, entry/exit delays and other conditions • Comfortable, soft-touch keys labeled with simple commands and illuminated for easy nighttime visibility • Four one-touch function keys that can be custom programmed to contact the police, fire department and other emergency response personnel • A contoured, removable door that lets you choose the look you want • A classic, stylishly designed white console that blends with any décor and can be placed on a wall or tabletop You’ll find that these sophisticated, user-friendly features put security, comfort and convenience at your fingertips!

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