Honeywell 6150

Fixed English Alarm Keypad with Function Buttons

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The Honeywell 6150 fixed English alarm keypad is ideal for controlling a Honeywell VISTA Series security system or any other Honeywell wi...
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The Honeywell 6150 fixed English alarm keypad is ideal for controlling a Honeywell VISTA Series security system or any other Honeywell wired alarm control panel. The 6150 combines a user-friendly interface with sleek design features and enhanced security. While you can program basic features of your Honeywell security system with a 6150, it is a fixed English keypad meaning that the LCD screen can only display (3) digit zone numbers and predetermined phrases. For more complex programming functions such as zone programming, or any feature that requires access to a programming sub-menu, you should use an alphanumeric keypad such as the Honeywell 6160 alarm keypad. The Honeywell 6150 keypad is equipped with a full keypad, back-lit LCD screen, removable door, and (4) easy access programmable function buttons. The 6150 is also equipped with status LEDs which are lit green when the security system is ready to be armed and red when the security system is currently armed. If you are considering a Honeywell 6150 alarm keypad for your Honeywell security system, and you also want to add wireless zones to your system, consider the Honeywell 6150RF which has an integrated (16) zone wireless receiver.

The 6150 alarm keypad can be used for security system control, user notifications, or activating keypad panics. Four programmable one touch feature buttons allow easy access to commonly used functions. The buttons are usually used as one touch arming buttons (arming the system without needing to enter a code), or as police, fire, and medical panic buttons. The 6150 comes with interchangeable stickers to identify the use of the function keys once they have been programmed.

The Honeywell 6150 connects to the ECP terminals or data bus of the Honeywell wired security system with a 4-wire connection. Like most Honeywell alarm keypads, the 6150 must be addressed to function properly with your alarm control panel. To enter the keypad programming mode, hold down the [1] and [3] keys at the same time within (60) seconds of powering up the 6150. At this time, the current keypad address will be displayed and can be changed by pressing [0], [0] to set the address back to (00), and then entering in a new (2) digit address. Valid keypad addresses for the 6150 range from (00) to (30). You should consult your Honeywell security system’s installation guide for valid keypad addresses. Note that if (10) seconds pass with no key entry, the keypad will automatically exit the address programming mode. In order to manually exit the address programming mode on the 6150, press the [*] key. If using more than one hardwired keypad with your Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel, the Honeywell 6150 is a great option as an alternative keypad as it is less expensive than the more advanced alarm keypads.

Brand: Honeywell

Busy-Standby/dl - The system is disabled if this trouble code has been displayed for more than one minute.
What does dl code showing on pad mean?
I had to replace the batteries in my motion sensor, the battery in my metal box in the garage is new and the system in plugged into the power in the garage. My window on the key pad is indicating the AC in the upper right hand corner, bat not ready directly under that and it is flashing 10 Check on the left hand side. 10 is the motion sensor. Also the green and red lights do not light up when I go through the arming and disarming. Suggestions Please
Well it looks like from your wiring none of your hardwire zones were used so I'm guessing your entire system is wireless myself I would recommend a 5881ENH wireless receiver that way you can have up to the max amount of wireless zones and replace at least one of the 6150 keypads with a 6160 for zone programming.... you could also go with a 6160rf and that would give you the max amount of wireless zones as well
The 09 has to do with zone 9 being faulted and the A/C is showing that power is connected to the system. Not ready means that the system has a condition present that is preventing the system from being ready to arm.
Replaced a ademco 6128 with a Honeywell 6150 now I am getting 09 and a/c not ready
For any programming we usually always recommend a 6160 or 6160RF. With this keypad you'll be able to go into deeper level programming.
My home originally had a system that the previous owner had installed by a security company. Unfortunately, I was not provided with the master code and left the system alone for about a few years. I have recently decided to replace the system with a Honeywell Vista 20P version 10.23 unit. I took a picture of the original wiring and maintained it with the new 20P system. I powered up the unit and had no issues but was unable to understand / activate the zones from the 6150 and 6150FR keypads. The user guide that I was given had zone 9 thru 14 listed but no mention of zone 1 thru 8. Not sure zones 1 thru 8 was never identified. In any case, I was think about getting a 6160 and 6160RF keypads and reprogram the zones. I think these keypad will certainly make reprogramming the zones easier. Does this sound like the right approach? I have attached the picture of the wiring on the panel. I maintained the wiring for the phone line although I am not using a central monitoring and really does not impact the functionality of the system.
You'll need to program the alpha into the system, then perform a zone sync in Total Connect 2.0. If you speak with your monitoring company they should be able to help you accomplish this.
Yep, that's correct, you'll just need them to have the names programmed into the system for them to display.
So actually I guess my real question is, how do I get alerts in my Total Connect app or SMS messages that are names of the locations in my house instead of just numbers?
Great! I'm also assuming then that by doing this it will allow the named zones to come through on alerts? (e.g. "kitchen door" as opposed to #1, etc.)
That's correct, the 6150 doesn't display zone alpha. Upgrading to a 6160 will allow the zone english descriptors to display on the keypad. You won't need to reprogram any of the systems programming, you'll just need to address the 6160 keypad. Here is a link to a FAQ with steps on how to do this:
So is it not possible to name your zones on a 6150? I had a system installed with a new home several years ago, and now out of their monitoring service. One thing I've always hated is when sensors are triggered and I get alerts via the Total Connect or sms, all I get is a number of the location, which means nothing to me without carrying a list of the 12 zone locations. If no, then will simply upgrading the 6150 to a 6160 work without any other programming involved? (e.g. just replace the keypad on the wall and it will work with same master code, etc.)
That would indicate that whatever is programmed as zone 2 is currently faulted. Do you have a zone list anywhere (check the flip down door on the keypad or the inside door of the metal alarm cabinet) to know what zone 2 is?
I moved to a new house and this keypad was there. It used to have an error 'FC' and then '02'. I was able to remove the error 'FC' but it still says '02' and 'Not Ready'. How do I fix it?
Check 100 is an issue with your wireless receiver. The panel either doesn't see the receiver or you have mistakenly programmed some wireless zones and you don't actually have a receiver installer. Setting a House ID code without having a receiver installed would also cause that error.
I keep getting a check 100 and the key pad keeps going off. How do I fix it?
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